"The highway's closed at a certain point. You have a certain amount of miles that you can make. It's a recognition of mortality." -- Bruce Springsteen
"Everybody remembers it the way they need to." -- Tommy DeVito (The Four Seasons / Jersey Boys)
Welcome to Deacon Street -- my home on the web, a personal site to indulge my whims, thoughts, fantasies and passions. Above are links to other sites I produce. To the far left are the main navigational buttons for this site. Explore if you wish, or ignore if you must.

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Perfect Sunday (click to enlarge) -- slideshows now available & 2016 collages
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Date School Opponent Notes School Opponent Notes
12/01/2016 Crete @Columbus Lakeview Lincoln Lutheran Grand Island Central Catholic Early Season Tournament
12/02/2016 Crete Hastings Lincoln Lutheran Omaha Gross Catholic Early Season Tournament
12/06/2016 Crete Northwest Lincoln Lutheran Parkview Christian Early Season Tournament
12/08/2016 Crete @Beatrice
12/09/2016 Lincoln Lutheran @Lincoln Christian
12/10/2016 Lincoln Lutheran Milford
12/16/2016 Crete @Fairbury Postponed Lincoln Lutheran Syracuse Postponed
12/17/2016 Crete Columbus Scotus Postponed Lincoln Lutheran @Aquinas Catholic Postponed
12/20/2016 Lincoln Lutheran Raymond Central
12/22/2016 Lincoln Lutheran Syracuse
12/29/2016 Crete Doane Holiday Tournament Lincoln Lutheran Norris Waverly Tournament
12/30/2016 Crete Doane Holiday Tournament Lincoln Lutheran Waverly Tournament
01/03/2017 Crete @Waverly Lincoln Lutheran @Wahoo
01/06/2017 Lincoln Lutheran Lutheran Invitational Tournament
01/07/2017 Crete @Wahoo Lincoln Lutheran Lutheran Invitational Tournament
01/10/2017 Lincoln Lutheran Elmwood-Murdock
01/13/2017 Crete York Lincoln Lutheran @Wilber-Clatonia
01/14/2017 Crete @Norris
01/17/2017 Lincoln Lutheran @Waverly
01/19/2017 Crete Lincoln Pius X
01/21/2017 Lincoln Lutheran @Aquinas
01/23/2017 Crete Conference Tournament Lincoln Lutheran Conference Tournament
02/03/2017 Crete Schuyler
02/04/2017 Crete @Falls City Lincoln Lutheran Hastings St. Cecilia
02/09/2017 Lincoln Lutheran Auburn
02/10/2017 Crete @Aurora Lincoln Lutheran @Mount Michael Benedictine
02/17/2017 Crete Seward
02/21/2017 Crete Nebraska City