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These are all quesitons from our junior year in high school, 9/1/1963 - 8/31/1964. Select your answer and "correct" or "wrong" will be displayed. If you want help before you answer, click on "Get Hint." The question # and score are displayed at the bottom. Your points will be determined by how many correct answers you have - .5 for each hint used.





1. The Beatles' 'She Loves You' was released in the United States on what label?
-- A) Swan; B) Capital; C) VeeJay; D) Motown
• Correct Answer: Swan
•Hint: It was the only Beatles' tune the label had rights to.
•Feedback: VeeJay had the rights to American releases by the Beatles at the time, but George Harrison's sister who lived in America was disheartened by the lack of the group's success in the states and suggested to Brian Epstein that he contact a different label -- Swan got the rights in the fall of '63 when the Beatles were still pretty much unheard of in the U.S.

2. 'Memphis' was a #2 hit by Johnny Rivers. Who wrote it?
-- A) Roy Orbison; B) Johnny Cash; C) Bob Dylan; D) Chuck Berry
• Correct Answer: Chuck Berry
•Hint: He also wrote 'Brown Eyed Handsome Man.'
•Feedback: Chuck Berry had recorded 'Memphis' in 1959 as the 'B' side to 'Back in the U.S.A.' -- Lonnie Mack had an instrumental hit (#5) in 1963.

3. The rock classic, 'Louie Louie' by The Kingsmen achieved what Billboard year end ranking in 1964?
-- A) #3; B) #13; C) #27; D) #99
• Correct Answer: #99
•Hint: It didn't do very well.
•Feedback: 'Louie Louie's popularity spanned 1963-1964 as it first hit the top ten on December 7, 1963 and remained there until February 8, 1964.

4. Amidst the British Invasion in the spring of 1964, what Motown group had it's first hit with 'The Way You Do The Things You Do?'
-- A) The Impressions; B) The Temptations; C) The Supremes; D) The Dixie Cups
• Correct Answer: The Temptations
•Hint: They would be one of the most successful male vocal groups of the 1960's.
•Feedback: The group had been recording for Motown since 1961, but none of their releases cracked the Hot 100 until 'The Way You Do The Things You Do' -- it reached #11.

5. What Johnny Mathis song made the top ten (#7) for The Tymes in September of 1963?
-- A) Chances Are; B) The Way You Look Tonight; C) Wonderful Wonderful; D) There Goes My Baby
• Correct Answer: Wonderful Wonderful
•Hint: 'you turn to me with a kiss in your eyes and my heart feels a thrill beyond compare'
•Feedback: 'Wonderful Wonderful' reached #7 on September 28. This was The Tymes follow-up to 'So Much in Love' that had been #1 in August.

6. Roger Miller had been recording country songs since 1957, but finally made it big in the summer of 1964 when what song crossed over to the pop chart and made it to #7?
-- A) King of the Road; B) Dang Me; C) England Swings; D) Surfin' Bird
• Correct Answer: Dang Me
•Hint: 'you oughta take a rope and hang me'
•Feedback: Roger Miller reportedly wrote 'Dang Me' in four minutes.

7. In August of 1964 a group formerly known as 'The Primettes' had its first of twelve #1 hits -- what was the group?
-- A) The Supremes; B) The Shirelles; C) The Chiffons; D) The Miracles
• Correct Answer: The Supremes
•Hint: Their follow-up, 'Baby Love' would also reach #1.
•Feedback: 'Where Did Our Love Go' was the first of five consecutive #1's by The Supremes.

8. In 'Dead Man's Curve' what kind of car were Jan & Dean driving?
-- A) Jaguar XKE; B) Corvette Sting Ray; C) Chevy GTO; D) Chevy 409
• Correct Answer: Corvette Sting Ray
•Hint: 'an XKE pulled up on my right'
•Feedback: 'Dead Man's Curve' reached #8 in the spring of 1964 -- Jan Berry would later be in a near-fatal crash on the same stretch of road described in the song.

9. 'A World Without Love' was a #1 hit for Peter & Gordon. What 'teen idol' version didn't fare nearly as well?
-- A) Bobby Vee; B) Bobby Rydell; C) Fabian; D) Dion
• Correct Answer: Bobby Rydell
•Hint: the high school in 'Grease' was named after him
•Feedback: Bobby Rydell had a #4 hit with 'Forget Him' in December of 1963 before the Beatles came to the U.S. -- it was his last top 40 record.

10. In The Beach Boys 'Fun, Fun, Fun,' what kind of car was the girl driving?
-- A) GTO; B) '57 Chevy; C) a 'woody'; D) T-Bird
• Correct Answer: T-Bird
•Hint: 'til her daddy takes her ____ away.'
•Feedback: When 'Fun, Fun, Fun' peaked at #5 in March of 1964, there were three Beatles songs in the top three and The Four Season's 'Dawn' at #4.

11. On April 4th, 1964, The Beatles had the top five records on the Billboard Hot 100 -- which was #1?
-- A) She Love You; B) Twist & Shout; C) Can't Buy Me Love; D) Please Please Me
• Correct Answer: Can't Buy Me Love
•Hint: It was the third Beatles song to reach #1 in the U.S.
•Feedback: The ranking was: #1 'Can't Buy Me Love'; #2 'Twist & Shout'; #3 'She Loves You'; #4 'I Want To Hold Your Hand'; #5 Please Please Me.

12. On May 30, 1964 The Reflections became a one-hit-wonder when their record reached #6. What was the song?
-- A) Just One Look; B) Just Like Romeo & Juliet; C) Just Like Columbus Did; D) Just a Little Too Much
• Correct Answer: Just Like Romeo & Juliet
•Hint: 'Just Like Columbus Did' was their follow-up that died at #96.
•Feedback: The Beatles' 'Love Me Do' was #1 the week The Reflection's 'Just Like Romeo & Juliet' peaked at #6.

13. In July of 1964 Chuck Berry had his first top ten hit (#10) since 1959 -- what was it?
-- A) Sweet Little Sixteen; B) My Ding-a-Ling; C) No Particular Place To Go; D) Good Golly Miss Molly
• Correct Answer: No Particular Place To Go
•Hint: 'My Ding-a-Ling' was his ony #1 (1972).
•Feedback: Berry was arrested in December of 1959 on allegations of sexual relations with a 14-year-old. He was in prison from February of '62 to October of '63. 'No Particular Place To Go' was his second release after getting out of prison.

14. Freddy Cannon's 'Abigal Beecher' was a
-- A) 'very loud preacher'; B) 'history teacher'; C) 'girl in the bleachers'; D) 'lovely creature'
• Correct Answer: 'history teacher'
•Hint: 'All the kids are just crazy about her'
•Feedback: 'Abigail Beecher' reached #16 -- Freddy Cannon's most successful record was 'Palisades Park' which was #3 in 1962.

15. While The Beatles and other British acts were reaching record levels of success in 1964, what 'Rat Pack' crooner was still able to claim a #1 record?
-- A) Dean Martin; B) Frank Sinatra; C) Peter Lawford; D) Sammy Davis Jr.
• Correct Answer: Dean Martin
•Hint: His last previous top ten entry was 'Volare' in 1958.
•Feedback: Dean Martin's 'Everybody Loves Somebody Sometime' was #1 on August 15th and was Billboard's #6 for 1964.

16. Which of these was not a song by The Dave Clark Five?
-- A) Bits and Pieces; B) Do You Love Me; C) Glad All Over; D) California Sun
• Correct Answer: California Sun
•Hint: 'I'm going out west where I belong.'
•Feedback: The Dave Clark Five were second only to the Beatles in U.S. success in 1964 -- The Rivieras' 'California Sun' (#5) was a one-hit-wonder.

17. What Lesley Gore hit became an anthem for the women's movement?
-- A) She's a Fool; B) You Don't Own Me; C) That's the Way Boys Are; D) Wives and Lovers
• Correct Answer: You Don't Own Me
•Hint: Jack Jones sang 'Wives and Lovers'
•Feedback: 'You Don't Own Me' reached #2 in February of 1964 -- Goldie Hawn, Diane Keaton, and Bette Midler sang it for the movie, 'First Wives Club.'

18. Which of the following was Elvis Presley's highest ranked song of our junior year?
-- A) Viva Las Vegas; B) Bossa Nova Baby; C) Witchcraft; D) Heartbreak Hotel
• Correct Answer: Bossa Nova Baby
•Hint: come on -- 'Heartbreak Hotel' is from 1956
•Feedback: 'Bossa Nova Baby' reached #8 in November of '63. 'Witchcraft' (#36) didn't even crack the top 20. 'Viva Las Vegas' (#26) should have done much better, but by then Presley was out of style.

19. What song featured in the movie 'Dirty Dancing' was #44 for Solomon Burke in 1962 and #23 for Betty Harris in November of 1963?
-- A) Do You Love Me; B) Cry To Me; C) Love Is Strange; D) Stay
• Correct Answer: Cry To Me
•Hint: It's the song during Johnny & Baby's sexually charged dance sing in his room.
•Feedback: Solomon Burke's version of 'Cry To Me' reached #5 on the R&B chart.

20. The Searchers were a British group that had a lot of success covering records that had previously been hits in the U.S. What Jackie DeShannon song charted for them?
-- A) Needles and Pins; B) Mockingbird; C) I Only Want To Be With You; D) True Love Never Runs Smooth
• Correct Answer: Needles and Pins
•Hint: 'But still they begin'
•Feedback: The Searchers' 'Needles and Pins' reached #13 while Jackie DeShannon's version did no better than #84.

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