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1. In the movie, 'Bye Bye Birdie,' who played the role of Hugo Peabody (Ann-Margaret's boyfriend)?
-- A) Fabian; B) Frankie Avalon; C) Bobby Darin; D) Bobby Rydell
• Correct Answer: Bobby Rydell

2. Who played Alma, the housekeeper in 'Hud'?
-- A) Elizabeth Taylor; B) Patricia Neal; C) Shelley Wnters; D) Shirley MacLaine
• Correct Answer: Patricia Neal

3. Who played Atticus Finch in 1963's 'To Kill A Mockingbird?'
-- A) Gregory Peck; B) HenryFonda; C) Cary Grant; D) Paul Newman
• Correct Answer: Gregory Peck

4. What was the sequel to 1964's 'The Pink Panther?'
-- A) Return of the Pink Panther; B) A Shot In the Dark; C) The Pinker Panther; D) Casino Royale
• Correct Answer: A Shot In the Dark

5. What was the first James Bond movie released in the United States?
-- A) Thunderball; B) Goldfinger; C) Dr. No; D) Johnny Cool
• Correct Answer: Dr. No

6. In the Cary Grant movie, 'Father Goose,' what was 'Father Goose'?
-- A) the name of the boat; B) Catherine Freneau's (Leslie Coraon) nickname for Walter Eckland (Cary Grant); C) derived from the call name for Walter Eckland (Cary Grant); D) the name of the headmaster at Catherine Freneau's (Leslie Caron) school
• Correct Answer: derived from the call name for Walter Eckland (Cary Grant)

7. 'Kid Shellene' was
-- A) the role played by Elvis Presley in 'Roustabout'; B) the role played by Steve McQueen in 'Baby the Rain Must Fall'; C) the name of the bar in 'Beach Party'; D) the role played by Lee Marvin in 'Cat Ballou'
• Correct Answer: the role played by Lee Marvin in 'Cat Ballou'

8. For which movie did Julie Andrews receive the oscar for best actress?
-- A) Mary Poppins; B) The Sound of Music; C) My Fair Lady; D) All of the above
• Correct Answer: Mary Poppins

9. The first of the 'spaghetti westerns' directed by Sergio Leone and starring Clint Eastwood was released in Europe in 1964 ('A Fistful of Dollars'). Where was it filmed?
-- A) Italy; B) California; C) Spain; D) Mexico
• Correct Answer: Spain

10. In 'It's a Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad World,' the treasure was hidden
-- A) under the 'Big W'; B) behind Mount Rushmore; C) under the stage at The Sands; D) on the beach at Waiiki
• Correct Answer: under the 'Big W'

11. Who played the part of Robert Hendley, 'the scrounger' in 'The Great Escape?'
-- A) James Garner; B) Steve McQueen; C) Sal Mineo; D) Charles Bronson
• Correct Answer: James Garner

12. 'Whatever Happened to Baby Jane' starred Bette Davis and
-- A) Shirley MacLaine; B) Anne Bancroft; C) Joan Crawford; D) Maureen McDonald
• Correct Answer: Joan Crawford

13. What was the 'Pink Panther?'
-- A) a jewel thief; B) a diamond; C) a night club; D) a serial killer
• Correct Answer: a diamond

14. In 'Dr. Strangelove' who played the role of General Buck Turgidson?
-- A) Peter Sellers; B) George C. Scott; C) Henry Fonda; D) Jackie Gleason
• Correct Answer: George C. Scott

15. Who was Elvis Presley's co-star in 'Fun in Acapulco?'
-- A) Ann-Margaret; B) Ursula Andress; C) Shelley Fabares; D) Mary Ann Mobley
• Correct Answer: Ursula Andress

16. The Jonas Cord character in 'The Carpetbaggers' is somewhat based on what famous American?
-- A) Henry Ford; B) Howard Hughes; C) Cecil B. DeMill; D) John D. Rockefeller
• Correct Answer: Howard Hughes

17. Albert Finney and Joyce Redman played one of the big screen's sexiest eating scenes in what movie?
-- A) The Night of the Iguana; B) Dementia 13; C) Tom Jones; D) Cheyenne Autumn
• Correct Answer: Tom Jones

18. Who played the lead role in 'Von Ryan's Express?'
-- A) Frank Sinatra; B) John Wayne; C) Rex Harrison; D) Charles Bronson
• Correct Answer: Frank Sinatra

19. Where does 'The Sound of Music' take place?
-- A) Germany; B) Austria; C) Russia; D) England
• Correct Answer: Austria

20. Who costarred with John Wayne in 'The Sons of Katie Elder?'
-- A) Kirk Douglas; B) Dean Martin; C) Bobby Darin; D) Walter Brennan
• Correct Answer: Dean Martin

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