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These are all quesitons from our senior year in high school, 9/1/1964 - 6/15/1965. Select your answer and "correct" or "wrong" will be displayed. If you want help before you answer, click on "Get Hint." The question # and score are displayed at the bottom. Your points will be determined by how many correct answers you have - .5 for each hint used.





1. In the summer of '64 Chuck Berry returned to the Billboard chart after a five year absence due to a jail sentence. As we began our senior year in September, what Chuck Berry tune peaked at #14?
-- A) Rock and Roll Music; B) You Never Can Tell; C) Heartbreak Hotel; D) Johnny B. Goode
• Correct Answer: You Never Can Tell
•Hint: Please don't tell me you even considered 'Heartbreak Hotel.' The song was feature in the movie 'Pulp Fiction.'
•Feedback: 'You Never Can Tell' was written while Berry was in prison and the refrain, 'C'est la vie say the old folks, it goes to show you never can tell is French for 'that's life.'

2. As we entered our senior year, 'The House of the Rising Sun' by The Animals was the #1 song on Billboard. Who was the lead singer for The Animals?
-- A) Roger Daltrey; B) Mick Jagger; C) Manfred Mann; D) Eric Burden
• Correct Answer: Eric Burden
•Hint: Roger Daltrey was lead singer for The Who.
•Feedback: 'House of the Rising Sun' was The Animals' only #1.

3. The Supremes had five #1 songs during our senior year. Which of the following was NOT one of them?
-- A) Baby Love; B) Come See About Me; C) Dancing In The Street; D) Stop In The Name of Love
• Correct Answer: Dancing In The Street
•Hint: The non-Supreme song was recorded by Martha & The Vandellas.
•Feedback: 'Dancing In The Street' by Martha & The Vandellas reached as high as #2 in October.

4. 'Leader of the Pack" by The Shangri-las reached #1 on November 28th of our senior year. What was the leader's name?
-- A) Jimmy; B) Vinnie; C) Johnny; D) Alphonso
• Correct Answer: Jimmy
•Hint: This isn't 'Dirty Dancing' -- his last name wasn't Castle.
•Feedback: 'Leader of the Pack' was written by Brill Building partners Jeff Barry and Ellie Grenwich.

5. 'Come A Little Bit Closer' by Jay & The Americans tells the story of a man in a cafe 'just the other side of the border' being seduced and having to run when the woman's boyfriend shows up. What was the boyfriend's name?
-- A) Manuel; B) Johnny; C) Jose; D) Carlos
• Correct Answer: Jose
•Hint: Nope -- Castle isn't the last name; not 'Dirty Dancing.'
•Feedback: 'Come a Little Bit Closer' was written by Tommy Boyce and Bobby Hart who had a #8 single in 1968 with 'I Wonder What She's Doing Tonight.'

6. In December of 1964 Johnny Rivers reached the top ten with a remake of a 1960 recording (#21) by Harold Dorman. What was the song's title?
-- A) Mountain of Love; B) Maybelline; C) Love Potion Number Nine; D) This Diamond Ring
• Correct Answer: Mountain of Love
•Hint: Johnny Rivers did record 'Maybelline' and it reached #12 in September, but it was a remake of the original recorded by Chuck Berry.
•Feedback: Johnny Rivers had one other hit record during our senior year, 'The Midnight Special' which made #20 in February,1965.

7. In December Jan & Dean introduced us to the latest fad with a song that made it to #25. What was the title of the song?
-- A) Honolulu Lulu; B) Sidewalk Surfin; C) Surf City; D) Drag City
• Correct Answer: Sidewalk Surfin
•Hint: Drag car racing and surfing weren't really new.
•Feedback: 'Sidewalk Surfin' is based on the Beach Boys' 'Catch a Wave' written by Brian Wilson.

8. The Beatles hit it big in December with the release of a double sided success. 'She's A Woman' reached #4 on December 26th and the other side was #1. What was the title of that #1 song?
-- A) A Hard Day's Night; B) Do-Wah-Diddy-Diddy; C) I Feel Fine; D) Ticket To Ride
• Correct Answer: I Feel Fine
•Hint: 'Do-Wah-Diddy-Diddy' was a #1 for Manfred Mann in September.
•Feedback: After placing 28 titles on the Billboard chart from January to October 1964, the Beatles were absent from the top 100 until the issue of 'I Feel Fine' / 'She's a Woman' in December.

9. Petula Clark became the first British female to top the Billboard chart since 1952 when Vera Lynn had a #1 with 'Auf Wiedersehn Sweetheart.' What was the title of Clark's #1?
-- A) Willow Weep For Me; B) I Know A Place; C) Downtown; D) As Tears Go By
• Correct Answer: Downtown
•Hint: Marianne Faithful (#26) recorded 'As Tears Go By.'
•Feedback: 'I Know a Place' was the follow-up to 'Downtown' and reached #3.

10. In January and February The Righteous Brothers were at the top of the chart with 'You've Lost That Lovin' Feeling" (#2 or #1). Who were the Righteous Brothers?
-- A) Eddie Kendricks & Paul Williams; B) Peter Noone & Barry Whitwam; C) Bill Medley & Bobby Hatfield; D) Jim McGuinn & Dean Clark
• Correct Answer: Bill Medley & Bobby Hatfield
•Hint: Peter Noone was lead singer for Herman's Hermits.
•Feedback: 'You've Lost That Lovin' Feelin' was the #5 song for 1965 on Billboard.

11. In February Gary Lewis reached #1 with 'This Diamond Ring.' What was the name of his group?
-- A) The Playboys; B) The M.G.s; C) The Dreamers; D) The Seekers
• Correct Answer: The Playboys
•Hint: Freddy & The Dreamers had a #1 hit with 'I'm Telling You Now.'
•Feedback: 'This Diamond Ring' had been turned down by Bobby Vee.

12. 'I've got so much honey, the bees envy me' is a lyric from what song?
-- A) The Birds and the Bees; B) My Girl; C) The Jolly Green Giant; D) I've Got Sand In My Shoes
• Correct Answer: My Girl
•Hint: 'Well I guess you'd say, what can make me feel this way?'
•Feedback: 'My Girl' was written and produced by Smokey Robinson and reached #1 on March 6, 1965.

13. In January of 1965 The Rolling Stones debuted their fourth U.S. top 40 record. It was a remake of a 1954 recording by The Charms. What was its title?
-- A) Time Is On My Side; B) Paint It Black; C) Heart of Stone; D) Honky Tonk Women
• Correct Answer: Heart of Stone
•Hint: "There's been so many girls I have known"
•Feedback: 'Heart of Stone' peaked at #19.

14. 'A Change Is Gonna Come' was originally a cut on Sam Cooke's album 'Aint That Good News' which was released in February of 1964. It became the 'B' side to a #7 hit by Cooke a year later. What was the 'A' side?
-- A) Shake; B) Cupid; C) Another Saturday Night; D) I'm Gonna Be Strong
• Correct Answer: Shake
•Hint: There's no reference to a bow and arrow.
•Feedback: 'A Change Is Gonna Come' was featured in the movie 'Malcolm X.'

15. What song was a #4 hit for Roger Miller in March of 1965?
-- A) Stranger In Town; B) Little Green Apples; C) Thou Shalt Not Steal; D) King of the Road
• Correct Answer: King of the Road
•Hint: 'I smoke old stogies I have found'
•Feedback: 'King of the Road' was written by Roger Miller and was a #1 Country hit.

16. 'Goldfinger' debuted in U.S. theaters in December of 1964. The theme song reached #8 at the end of March, 1965. Who sang 'Goldfinger?'
-- A) Jack Jones; B) Shirley Bassey; C) Shirley Ellis; D) Marianne Faithful
• Correct Answer: Shirley Bassey
•Hint: It was a female singer.
•Feedback: 'Goldfinger' was Shirley Bassey's only top 40 record.

17. Elvis Presley didn't have much presence on the Billlboard chart during our senior year with no top ten records. Perhaps it was because the quality wasn't that great as exemplified by 'Do The Clam' (#21). What Elvis movie soundtrack did it come from?
-- A) Harum Scarum; B) Girl Happy; C) Blue Hawaii; D) Tickle Me
• Correct Answer: Girl Happy
•Hint: 'Blue Hawaii' actually did produce some good music such as the #1, 'Can't Help Falling In Love' but it was from 1962.
•Feedback: Elvis co-starred with Shelley Fabares in 'Girl Happy.'

18. 'Help Me Rhonda' by The Beach Boys reached #1 at the end of May, 1965. It was the first Beach Boy single to feature what member as lead singer?
-- A) Brian Wilson; B) Carl Wilson; C) Mike Love; D) Al Jardine
• Correct Answer: Al Jardine
•Hint: Mike Love sang lead on many of the Beach Boys early hits.
•Feedback: Early on, Al Jardine had actually hit the group after their first recording of 'Surfin' but returned after the success of 'Surfin' USA.'

19. What Four Tops single is better known for its subtitle, 'Sugar Pie, Honey Bunch?'
-- A) Shake Me, Wake Me; B) I'll Be Doggone; C) It's the Same Old Song; D) I Can't Help Myself
• Correct Answer: I Can't Help Myself
•Hint: 'It's The Same Old Song' (#5) was the follow-up and was so similar that many said it was 'the same old song.'
•Feedback: 'I Can't Help Myself' was released in May and reached #1 in July.

20. In Sam the Sham & The Pharoah's 'Wooly Bully,' who did Matty tell about 'a thing she saw?'
-- A) Hatty; B) Frankie; C) Wooly; D) Bully
• Correct Answer: Hatty
•Hint: It's not part of the title.
•Feedback: 'Wooly Bully' was Billboard's #1 song for the year 1965 even though it actually never reached the top spot on the weekly chart -- it stalled at #2 behind 'Back In My Arms Again' and 'Help Me Rhonda.'

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