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These are all quesitons from our sophomore year in high school, 9/1/1962 - 8/31/1963. Select your answer and "correct" or "wrong" will be displayed. If you want help before you answer, click on "Get Hint." The question # and score are displayed at the bottom. Your points will be determined by how many correct answers you have - .5 for each hint used.





1. Which of the following was NOT an instrumental?
-- A) Watermelon Man; B) Alley Cat; C) Let's Turkey Trot; D) Green Onions
• Correct Answer: Let's Turkey Trot

2. What camp did Alan Sherman sing about?
-- A) Camp Sunshine; B) Camp Granada; C) Camp David; D) Camp Itchy Koo
• Correct Answer: Camp Granada

3. Which of the following was NOT a top twenty hit for Gene Pitney?
-- A) Only Love Can Break A Heart; B) Mecca; C) Half Heaven-Half Heartache; D) The Night Has a Thousand Eyes
• Correct Answer: The Night Has a Thousand Eyes

4. According to Jimmy Soul, what kind of woman did you need to be happy?
-- A) Ugly; B) Shaply; C) Tall; D) Brown-eyed
• Correct Answer: Ugly

5. Bobby Boris Pickett made The Monster Mash a Halloween classic -- what was the vocal group with The Coffin Bangers?
-- A) Dracula and his son; B) The Zombies; C) The Crypt-Kicker Five; D) The Kinks
• Correct Answer: The Crypt-Kicker Five

6. What early rock and roll star had success in 1963 with more of a country sound on 'You're The Reason I'm Living'?
-- A) Bobby Darin; B) Buddy Holly; C) Chuck Berry; D) Fats Domino
• Correct Answer: Bobby Darin

7. Dusty Springfield would have greater success in our junior year, but she made the top twenty with The Springfields song:
-- A) Green Green; B) Rhythm of the Rain; C) Silver Threads and Golden Needles; D) Come and Get These Memories
• Correct Answer: Silver Threads and Golden Needles

8. What song admonished us to 'prime the pump'?
-- A) Pepino The Italian Mouse; B) If I Had a Hammer; C) Easier Said Than Done; D) Desert Pete
• Correct Answer: Desert Pete

9. Connie Francis had made 'Where the Boys Are' a hit. This year she had
-- A) The Boys Are Back In Town; B) That's the Way Boys Are; C) Follow The Boys; D) The Boys of Summer
• Correct Answer: Follow The Boys

10. Dicky Lee longed for Patches -- where did she live?
-- A) Down in the Boodocks; B) In Old Shantytown; C) In Birdland; D) Surf City
• Correct Answer: In Old Shantytown

11. Which Beach Boys song debuted just as we entered high school?
-- A) Surfin Safari; B) Surf City; C) Fun Fun Fun; D) Surfer Girl
• Correct Answer: Surfin Safari

12. Ray Hilderbrand and Jill Jackson were in which of these recording groups?
-- A) Dale & Grace; B) Paul & Paula; C) Randy & The Rainbows; D) Dick & DeeDee
• Correct Answer: Paul & Paula

13. Which surf group played in the movie Beach Party?
-- A) The Surfaris; B) The Ventures; C) Dick Dale & The Deltones; D) The Beach Boys
• Correct Answer: Dick Dale & The Deltones

14. Which of the following did NOT have a top twenty record during our sophomore year?
-- A) Chubby Checker; B) Elvis Presley; C) Patsy Cline; D) Sam Cooke
• Correct Answer: Patsy Cline

15. What was the #1 song when our sophomore year ended?
-- A) Dominique; B) Sukiyaki; C) My Boyfriend's Back; D) Can't Buy Me Love
• Correct Answer: My Boyfriend's Back

16. What song from our sophomore year was featured in the movie 'Dirty Dancing'?
-- A) He's A Rebel; B) The Cha Cha Cha; C) Wild Weekend; D) Do You Love Me
• Correct Answer: Do You Love Me

17. What was the highest ranking for Johnny Cash's 'Ring of Fire'?
-- A) 1; B) 5; C) 12; D) 17
• Correct Answer: 17

18. 'Another Saturday Night' was a hit record for:
-- A) Sam Cooke; B) Dion; C) Lou Christie; D) Ricky Nelson
• Correct Answer: Sam Cooke

19. Which of the following was NOT a #1 record?
-- A) He's So Fine; B) If You Wanna Be Happy; C) Sheila; D) Blowin' In the Wind
• Correct Answer: Blowin' In the Wind

20. What was The Four Seasons first #1 record?
-- A) Sherry; B) Big Girls Don't Cry; C) Dawn; D) Walk Like A Man
• Correct Answer: Sherry

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