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1. Thanksgiving week of our Sophomore year, The Four Seasons scored their second #1 record. What was it?
-- A) Sherry; B) Rag Doll; C) Walk Like A Man; D) Big Girls Don't Cry
• Correct Answer: Big Girls Don't Cry
•Hint: 'Walk Like A Man 'was their third #1 single.
•Feedback: The Four Seasons scored three consecutive #1 records -- 'Sherry,' 'Big Girls Don't Cry,' and 'Walk Like A Man.'

2. Jay & The Americans' 'Come A Little Bit Closer' peaked at #3 on Thanksgiving of our Senior year. It was their first top ten hit in two and a half years -- what song reached #5 for the group in 1962?
-- A) 'She Cried'; B) 'She's Not There'; C) 'She's Not You'; D) 'She's Just My Style'
• Correct Answer: 'She Cried'
•Hint: 'She's Not You' was a #5 hit for Elvis Presley in 1962.
•Feedback: 'Come A Little Bit Closer' tells the story of a man seduced by a woman he meets in a Mexican bar who runs away when her lover Jose arrives.

3. The Orlons had a song at #7 on Thanksgiving 1962. They told the story of an innocent meeting with another boy when they 'stopped at the record hop' and he caught them 'doing the slop' and 'you walked in and I was caught.' What was their plea to their boyfriend? (the title of the song)
-- A) 'Don't Worry About Me'; B) 'Don't Break The Heart That Loves You'; C) Don't Hang Up'; D) 'Don't Worry Baby'
• Correct Answer: Don't Hang Up'
•Hint: It was Connie Francis who pleaded 'Don't Break The Heart That Loves You'
•Feedback: 'Don't Hang Up' would peak at #4 on December 7th.

4. 'Drip Drop' was #26 on the top 40 on Thanksgiving week 1963 . By the end of the year it would reach #6. It was originally released by The Drifters in 1958 but didn't make the top 40. Who sang the 1963 version of 'Drip Drop?'
-- A) Sam Cooke; B) Duane Eddy; C) Dion; D) Gene Pitney
• Correct Answer: Dion
•Hint: Duane Eddy was a guitarist -- I don't ever remember him singing.
•Feedback: 'Drip Drop' was written by Leiber & Stoller and was one of four records Dion had make the top ten during our high school years.

5. On Thanksgiving of our Junior year 'Sugar Shack' by Jimmy Gilmore & The Fireballs was dropping on the charts and was in the #4 position. Where was the 'Sugar Shack' located?
-- A) Down By the River; B) Beyond the Tracks; C) A-down the Track; D) By the Railroad Track
• Correct Answer: Beyond the Tracks
•Hint: 'By the Railroad Track' was where Johnny B. Goode sat.
•Feedback: The 'Sugar Shack' was 'a crazy little place, beyond the tracks'

6. 'Dominique' by The Singing Nun was #2 at Thanksgiving our junior year, heading toward the #1 position. It was sung in what language?
-- A) English; B) French; C) Italian; D) Spanish
• Correct Answer: French
•Hint: 'Il ne parle que du Bon Dieu'
•Feedback: The Singing Nun was Jeanne-Paule Marie Deckers, also known as Soeur Sourire -- French for Sister Smile

7. On Thanksgiving our Senior year, what was the highest ranked Beatles song?
-- A) A Hard Days Night; B) I Feel Fine; C) Love Me Do; D) There were no Beatles songs in the top 40
• Correct Answer: There were no Beatles songs in the top 40
•Hint: 'A Hard Days Night' left the chart in October
•Feedback: 'I Feel Fine' would enter at #22 the next week.

8. 'After six hours of school I've had enough for the day, I hit the radio dial and turn it up all the way' -- it was a Beach Boys #15 song on Thanksgiving our Senior year. What was the title?
-- A) Dance Dance Dance; B) Fun Fun Fun; C) Help Me Rhonda; D) I Get Around
• Correct Answer: Dance Dance Dance
•Hint: 'I Get Around' had been their first number one song the previous summer.
•Feedback: 'Dance Dance Dance' would reach #8 and was the 8th top ten Beach Boys song of our high school years.

9. Darlene Love & The Blossoms had the #8 song on Thanksgiving our Sophomore Year -- 'He's a Rebel.' But they didn't get the credit for the record. Phil Specter used them to record 'He's a Rebel' which was credited to what group that Specter had been producing?
-- A) Ruby & The Romantics; B) The Crystals; C) The Shirelles; D) Bobb B. Soxx & the Blue Jeans
• Correct Answer: The Crystals
•Hint: The Blossoms were also a part of Bob B.Soxx & The Blue Jeans which had a top ten hit with 'Zip A Dee Doo Dah.'
•Feedback: 'He's A Rebel' had been #1 earlier in the month.

10. On our Sophomore Thanksgiving Elvis Presley had his highest ranking song of our high school years. It was #2 that week. What was the song?
-- A) Bossa Nova Baby; B) Return To Sender; C) Viva Las Vegas; D) Are You Lonesome Tonight
• Correct Answer: Return To Sender
•Hint: It was not the title to a movie.
•Feedback: 'Return to Sender' was one of only four Elvis songs that made the top ten during the Class of '65's high school years.

11. On Thanksgiving our Junior year, 'It's Alright' was the #5 song. It was the highest ranked song by a group that would have seven top twenty hits during our time in high school. What was the group?
-- A) The Impressions; B) The Newbeats; C) The Caravelles; D) The Drifters
• Correct Answer: The Impressions
•Hint: One of their top ten's was 'People Get Ready' which was #14 in March of 1965.
•Feedback: 'It's Alright' was written by the groups leader, Curtis Mayfield.

12. The top forty for Thanksgiving of our Senior year included seven 'British Invasion' groups. Which of these groups was NOT from 'across the pond?'
-- A) The Honeycomb; B) The Zombies; C) The Kinks; D) J. Frank Wilson & The Cavaliers
• Correct Answer: J. Frank Wilson & The Cavaliers
•Hint: Their record, 'Last Kiss' was #9 on the Thanksgiving chart.
•Feedback: The Zombies had the highest ranked British record, 'She's Not There' at #4.

13. Thanksgiving week of our Senior year, Johnny Rivers reached the top ten with a remake of Harold Dorman's #21 record from 1961. What was the title?
-- A) Mountain of Love; B) Midnight Special; C) My True Story; D) Bristol Stomp
• Correct Answer: Mountain of Love
•Hint: Johnny Rivers did record 'Midnight Special' but Harold Dormann did not.
•Feedback: 'Mountain of Love' was Johnny Rivers' third top twenty hit and would peak at #9 the next week.

14. On Thanksgiving of 1962 The Contours were at #24 with a record that had reached #3 three weeks before. In 1988 it was featured in the movie, 'Dirty Dancing.'
-- A) Ride; B) Workin' For the Man; C) Do You Love Me; D) Limbo Rock
• Correct Answer: Do You Love Me
•Hint: 'Ride' was a dance song and it was ranked #10, but it was recorded by Dee Dee Sharp.
•Feedback: 'Do You Love Me' was re-issued as a single in 1988 and reached #11 on the chart.

15. 'I'm Leaving It Up To You' was the #1 song on Thanksgiving of our Junior year. It was performed by Dale & Grace. What was their relationship?
-- A) Husband and Wife; B) Brother and Sister; C) Cousins; D) Partners
• Correct Answer: Partners
•Hint: they weren't married
•Feedback: 'I'm Leaving It Up To You' was a #4 hit for Donny & Marie in 1974.

16. There were six instrumentals on the top forty Thanksgiving chart for our Sophomore year, one of which was destined to reach #1. Which one of these was it?
-- A) Let's Go; B) Telstar; C) Desafinado; D) Lonely Bull
• Correct Answer: Telstar
•Hint: 'Let's Go' by The Routers was mostly instrumental except for the shouts of 'Let's go!' It peaked at #19.
•Feedback: 'Telstar' by The Tornadoes reached #1 on December 22.

17. On Thanksgiving of our Senior year, The Shangrilas had the top song with 'Leader of the Pack.' In January of '65, a spoof of the song, 'Leader of the Laundromat' would reach #19. Who recorded 'Leader of the Laundromat?'
-- A) The Soapbox 6; B) The Detergents; C) The Box Tops; D) Ray Stevens
• Correct Answer: The Detergents
•Hint: Ray Stevens had several hits with humorous tendencies, but this wasn't one of them.
•Feedback: A lyric from 'Leader of the Laundromat': 'My folks were always putting her down, Because her laundry came back brown.'

18. What Lesley Gore tune was #6 on Thanksgiving of 1963 which included the background vocal, 'Shag-A-Doo-La'?
-- A) She's A Fool; B) It's My Party; C) Downtown; D) I Can't Stay Mad at You
• Correct Answer: She's A Fool
•Hint: 'It's My Party' was a #1 song for Lesley Gore that past summer.
•Feedback: 'She's a Fool' was Lesley Gore's third top ten hit.

19. Bobby Vinton had three #1 songs during the Class of '65's high school years. Which of these was on the chart for Thanksgiving 1964?
-- A) Roses Are Red; B) Bobby's Girl; C) Clinging Vine; D) Mr. Lonely
• Correct Answer: Mr. Lonely
•Hint: 'Bobby's Girl' was actually sung by Marcie Blane which had peaked at #3 in December of 1962.
•Feedback: 'Mr. Lonely' was #6 and would be #1 on December 12.

20. Roy Orbison had a song in the top forty for all three Thanksgivings of the Class of '65. Which of the following was NOT one of them?
-- A) Oh Pretty Woman; B) Workin' For the Man; C) Fools Rush In; D) Leah
• Correct Answer: Fools Rush In
•Hint: 'Oh Pretty Woman' was his most popular, reaching #1 in September of '64.
•Feedback: 'Fools Rush In' by Rick Nelson was #16 on Thanksgiving, 1963.

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