The Four Seasons had the two most popular records during the Class of 65's sophomore year. "Big Girls Don't Cry" and "Sherry" were both in the top Billboard spot for five weeks.
"Sherry" Top 20:
These are clips of the songs of our sophomore year -- not necessarily the best songs, but memorable songs - see how many you can name (some are quite easy).

The music of the sophomore year of the Class of ’65 was mostly a holdover sound from the 1950’s rock and roll.  Familiar artists from the’50’s such as Bobby Darin (“You’re the Reason I’m Living” - #3), Brenda Lee (“All Alone Am I” -- #3), and Dion (“Ruby Baby” - #11) were still popular and the big dance craze of the early ‘60’s was still going strong with Chubby Checker’s “Limbo Rock” (#2).  As a matter of fact, as we first walked the halls of LHS, we were moving to the sound of Little Eva’s “Locomotion,” the #1 song the week before our sophomore debut.  But there were new, exciting sounds on the horizon as well.  As we entered high school, The Four Seasons’ entered the Billboard Top 40 for the first time with “Sherry.”  Before our sophomore year had ended, they would be one of the top vocal groups along with fellow newcomers The Beach Boys.  We would also get acquainted with the folk sound, primarily from Peter, Paul and Mary singing  “Puff, the Magic Dragon” (#2) and  “Blowin’ In the Wind” (#2).  Most of us weren’t hip enough yet to be in tune to Bob Dylan, and certainly not aware that a Beatles record, “From Me to You” had been released in the spring – that shock wave was still nearly a year away.  As sophomores we romanced to sounds such as Bobby Vinton’s “Blue Velvet” and we danced to sounds such as The Crystal’s “Da Doo Ron Ron.”  The year began with Buddy Holly sound alike of Tommy Roe’s “Sheila” at the top spot on the Billboard chart and ended with one of the era’s girl group’s biggest hits, The Angels’ “My Boyfriend’s Back,” at #1.  While there were some less than memorable sounds like Little Eva’s “Let’s Turkey Troy” and “The Martian Hop” by the Ran-dells, there were also classics like The Drifters’ “On Broadway” and Patsy Cline’s “Sweet Dreams” (which amazingly never made the top 40 – probably due to its being released posthumously).  Whether you preferred rock and roll or softer ballads, surf music or folk music, the sounds that spun off our 45’s and emanated from our am dial from September of 1962 through August of 1963 when heard today evoke strong memories from the Class of ’65 – it was a good time sound .... "if everybody had an ocean."
The year began with "Sheila" as the number one song
#1 SONGS of the Sophomore Year:

Title Artist week began #1 Weeks #1

Sheila by Tommy Roe .... 9/1/1962 2 wks.
Sherry by The Four Seasons .... 9/15/1962 5 wks.
Monster Mash by Bobby Boris Pickett .... 10/20/1962 2 wks.
He's a Rebel by The Crystals .... 11/2/1962 2 wks.
Big Girls Don't Cry by The Four Seasons .... 11/17/1962 5 wks.
Telstar by The Tornadoes .... 12/22/1962 3 wks.
Go Away Little Girl by Steve Lawrence .... 1/12/1963 2 wks.
Walk Right In by The Rooftop Singers .... 1/26/1963 2 wks.
Hey Paula by Paul & Paula .... 2/9/1963 3 wks.
Walk Like A Man by The Four Seasons .... 3/2/1963 3 wks.
Our Day Will Come by Ruby & the Romantics .... 3/23/1963 1 wks.
He's So Fine by The Chiffons .... 3/30/1963 4 wks.
I Will Follow Him by Little Peggy March .... 4/27/1963 3 wks.
If You Wanna Be Happy by Jimmy Soul .... 5/18/1963 2 wks.
It's My Party by Lesley Gore .... 6/1/1963 2 wks.
Sukiyaki by Kyu Sakamoto .... 6/15/1963 3 wks.
Easier Said Than Done by The Essex .... 7/6/1963 2 wks.
Surf City by Jan & Dean .... 7/20/1963 2 wks.
So Much In Love by The Tymes .... 8/3/1963 1 wks.
Fingertips - Part 2 by Little Stevie Wonder .... 8/10/1963 3 wks.
My Boyfriend's Back by The Angels .... 8/31/1963 3 wks.
"My Boyfriend's Back" occupied the top spot the week before we began our junior year.