"If everybody had an ocean"

"yeah, yeah, yeah"

"time, time, time, is on my side"
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For some, the high school years may have been the best years of their lives; for some they may have been a time they would most like to forget; for all they were formative years. The Lincoln High School Class of '65 entered high school in September of 1962 and graduated on June 11th, 1965. These pages are an effort to look back on the world that we lived in for those comparatively short three years. To access a year, click on the "Sophomore," "Junior," or "Senior" button. Each year provides sections on: The Year, Music, Television, Movies. To return to the home page, click on the "Class of '65 logo."
SCRAPBOOK -- view a slideshow scrapbook of the years from '62 - '65
TRIVIA -- see how well you can do on trivia questions from the years of the Class of '65. Last modified: 8/10/15

View the Billboard Top 20 for each week of the year, search for a particular artist or record by clicking on the appropriate button below.
If you want to explore the music (and more) from the years of the Class of '65's younger days, click to the right to visit "The Elvis Era."