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1. 'your lips and mine, two sips of wine'
-- A) Memories Are Made Of This; B) Oh What a Night; C) Magic Touch; D) Since I Met You Baby
• Correct Answer: Memories Are Made Of This

2. 'My girlfriend Bett, tells me he's lazy'
-- A) Ivory Tower; B) Eddie My Love; C) Teenage Prayer; D) A Tear Fell
• Correct Answer: Teenage Prayer

3. 'There in the night was a wonderful scene; Mom was dancing with Dad to my record machine.'
-- A) Band of Gold; B) Rock and Roll Waltz; C) Lullaby of Birdland; D) Two Different Worlds
• Correct Answer: Rock and Roll Waltz

4. 'Why does my heart skip a crazy beat?'
-- A) Miracle of Love; B) Tonight You Belong To Me; C) On the Street Where You Live; D) Why Do Fools Fall In Love?
• Correct Answer: Why Do Fools Fall In Love?

5. 'Do anything you wanna do, but don't you step on myshoes.'
-- A) See You Later Alligator; B) Blue Suede Shoes; C) Hot Diggity; D) Hey Jealous Lover
• Correct Answer: Blue Suede Shoes

6. 'She's the woman that I know, she's the woman that loves me so.'
-- A) Long Tall Sally; B) Be-Bop-A-Lula; C) Cindy, oh Cindy; D) I'm In Love Again
• Correct Answer: Be-Bop-A-Lula

7. 'I guess the sound of the outward bound, made hi a slave to his wanderin' ways.'
-- A) Devil or Angel; B) The Happy Whistler; C) The Wayward Wind; D) Mr. Wonderful
• Correct Answer: The Wayward Wind

8. 'Tonight, while our hearts are aglow, tell me the words that i'm longing to know.'
-- A) My Prayer; B) Let the Good Times Roll; C) I'll Be Home; D) Friendly Persuasion
• Correct Answer: My Prayer

9. 'If you can't come around, at least please phone.'
-- A) I Hear You Knocking; B) My Blue Heaven; C) Don't Be Cruel; D) Too Young To Go Steady
• Correct Answer: Don't Be Cruel

10. 'The craze in my heart won't let me forget your love.'
-- A) Oh, What a Night; B) Only You; C) Little Girl of Mine; D) That's All There Is To That
• Correct Answer: Oh, What a Night


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