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1. Whose group from 1956 wore caps like President Eisenhower's golf cap?
-- A) Gene Vincent; B) Bill Haley; C) Eddie Fisher; D) Frankie Lane
• Correct Answer: Gene Vincent

2. Chuck Berry first charted in 1955 with a song he originally titled 'Ida Red.' It was released as _____.
-- A) Sweet Little Sixteen; B) Peggy Sue; C) Maybellene; D) Shahoozey
• Correct Answer: Maybellene

3. What was the role Elvis Presley played in his first movie, 'Love Me Tender?'
-- A) Clint Reno; B) Deke Slayton; C) Bubba Franks; D) Johnny DeSoto
• Correct Answer: Clint Reno

4. What vocalist had the second most gold records of the Elvis Era?
-- A) Perry Como; B) Fats Domino; C) Pat Boone; D) Chuck Berry
• Correct Answer: Fats Domino

5. Whose recording of 'Blueberry Hill' prompted Fats Domino to record his own version?
-- A) Frank Sinatra; B) Elvis Presley; C) Bing Crosby; D) Louis Armstrong
• Correct Answer: Louis Armstrong

6. Guy Mitchell had a #1 hit with 'Singing the Blues.' The song had been released earlier in 1954 by
-- A) Marty Robbins; B) Elvis Presley; C) Fats Domino; D) Carl Perkins
• Correct Answer: Marty Robbins

7. 'Whatever Will Be, Will Be' was a #2 hit for Doris Day in 1956 -- it was originally sung in what movie?
-- A) Around the World in 80 Days; B) Somebody Up There Likes Me; C) The Man Who Knew Too Much; D) Trapeze
• Correct Answer: The Man Who Knew Too Much

8. For his initial recordings with RCA, Elvis Presley kept his two side men from Sun, Scotty Moore and ___.
-- A) Carl Perkins; B) Bill Black; C) Roy Orbison; D) Chet Atkins
• Correct Answer: Bill Black

9. For what TV program was Elvis Presley forced to sing 'Hound Dog' to a Bassett Hound?
-- A) The Ed Sullivan Show; B) The Perry Como Show; C) American Bandstand; D) The Steve Allen Show
• Correct Answer: The Steve Allen Show

10. What singer rode the calypso craze into the top twenty with 'Jamaica Farewell?'
-- A) Tommy Sands; B) Harry Belafonte; C) Tennessee Ernie Ford; D) Pat Boone
• Correct Answer: Harry Belafonte


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