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1. 'Dom-dom dom-dom dom-de-doo-be Dom dom dom dom dom dom-de-doo-be'
-- A) Goody Goody; B) Little Bitty Pretty One; C) Come Go With Me; D) Why Baby Why
• Correct Answer: Come Go With Me

2. 'Seems like years ago we met on a day I can't forget.'
-- A) Sittin' In the Balcony; B) Happy Happy Birthday Baby; C) I'm Stickin' With You; D) Goin' Steady
• Correct Answer: Happy Happy Birthday Baby

3. 'Do the dance sensation that's sweepin' the nation.'
-- A) At the Hop; B) Rock and Roll Music; C) Butterfly; D) Hula Love
• Correct Answer: At the Hop

4. 'What are we gonna tell our friends when they say, oo la la?
-- A) Dark Moon; B) Wake Up Little Susie; C) Bony Moronie; D) Could This Be Magic
• Correct Answer: Wake Up Little Susie

5. 'too much love drives a man insane'
-- A) Kisses Sweeter Than Wine; B) Moonlight Gambler; C) Young Blood; D) Great Balls of Fire
• Correct Answer: Great Balls of Fire

6. 'say you're gonna leave, you know it's a lie'
-- A) Party Doll; B) That'll Be the Day; C) LIttle Darlin'; D) Keep a Knockin'
• Correct Answer: That'll Be the Day

7. 'It's gotta be rock and roll music if you wanna dance with me.'
-- A) School Days; B) JIm Dandy; C) Rock & Roll Music; D) Rock-a-Billy
• Correct Answer: Rock & Roll Music

8. 'Once you told me long ago, to the prom with me you'd go.'
-- A) My Special Angel; B) A White Sports Coat; C) Just Because; D) Bye Bye Love
• Correct Answer: A White Sport Coat

9. 'my heart beats so, it scares me to death.'
-- A) Fascination; B) Be Bop Baby; C) Teenage Crush; D) All Shook Up
• Correct Answer: All Shook Up

10. Whoops oh lord I was the father of twins.
-- A) Peggy Sue; B) Kisses Sweeter Than Wine; C) The Green Door; D) Knee Deep in the Blues
• Correct Answer: Kisses Sweeter Than Wine


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