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1. Who introduced Elvis Presley for his first appearance on Ed Sullivan ?
-- A) Dick Clark; B) Jackie Gleason; C) Charles Laughton; D) Jack Parr
• Correct Answer: Charles Laughton

2. The writing credits to which of these 1957 hits were given to Penniman, Williams, and Mays?
-- A) Keep a Knocking; B) Be Bop Baby; C) Hula Love; D) B lack Slacks
• Correct Answer: Keep a Knocking

3. Who was the lead singer for The Dominoes who started a solo career in 1957?
-- A) Jackie Wilson; B) Sam Cooke; C) Marvin Rainwater; D) Buddy Holly
• Correct Answer: Jackie Wilson

4. What 1957 hit song was originally titled 'Cindy Lou?'
-- A) Cindy, Oh Cindy; B) Teddy Bear; C) Party Doll; D) Peggy Sue
• Correct Answer: Peggy Sue

5. Who 'covered' Buddy Knox's #1 'Party Doll' and reached #5 on the Billboard chart?
-- A) Tab Hunter; B) Steve Lawrence; C) Perry Como; D) Pat Boone
• Correct Answer: Steve Lawrence

6. What was The Everly Brothers first number one song?
-- A) Bye Bye Love; B) Honeycomb; C) Thou Shalt Not Steal; D) Wake Up Little Susie
• Correct Answer: Wake Up Little Susie

7. What #1 record from 1957 was written about a love for the baby-sitter?
-- A) Tammy; B) Diana; C) Jenny, Jenny; D) A Teenager's Romance
• Correct Answer: Diana

8. What Elvis Presley 1957 record was his first number one in Britain?
-- A) Love Me Tender; B) All Shook Up; C) King Creole; D) Jailhouse Rock
• Correct Answer: All Shook Up

9. Most of Pat Boone's early success was with 'cover' versions of R&B hits, but in 1957 he reached #1 with an original recording ____.
-- A) Don't Forbid Me; B) Long Tall Sally; C) I Almost Lost My MInd; D) Ain't That A Shame
• Correct Answer: Don't Forbid Me

10. What Fats Domino song did Ricky Nelson cover for his first record?
-- A) Aint That A Shame; B) Blueberry Hill; C) I'm Walkin; D) Blue Monday
• Correct Answer: I'm Walkin


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