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1. 'Huckleberry, cherry or lime'
-- A) De De Dinah; B) Witch Doctor; C) Lollipop; D) Tea For Two Cha Cha
• Correct Answer: Lollipop

2. 'Hey go play Robin Hood With somebody else's heart'
-- A) Zorro; B) That Old Black Magic; C) Crazy Love; D) Stupid Cupid
• Correct Answer: Stupid Cupid

3. 'The way you dance and hold me tight, The way you kiss and say goodnight'
-- A) Rave On; B) Come On, Let's Go; C) Queen of the Hop; D) We Belong Together
• Correct Answer: Rave On

4. 'does she feel just what I feel, and how am I to know i?'
-- A) Susie Darlin'; B) Are You Really Mine?; C) A Lover's Question; D) I Wonder Why
• Correct Answer: A Lover's Question

5. 'Now Wyatt Earp and the Big Cheyenne They're comin' thru the T.V. shootin up the land.'
-- A) Looking Back; B) Western Movies; C) Zorro; D) Tom Dooley
• Correct Answer: Western Movies

6. 'Heavenly shades of night are falling'
-- A) Volare; B) You Are My Destiny; C) One Night; D) Twilight Time
• Correct Answer: Twilight Time

7. 'You sure like to ball; And when you're rocking and rolling, I can hear your mama call'
-- A) Rockin' Robin; B) Good Golly Miss Molly; C) Jennie Lee; D) Buzz-Buzz-Buzz
• Correct Answer: Good Golly Miss Molly

8. 'Sha na na na, sha na na na na'
-- A) Get a Job; B) Silhouettes; C) Yakety Yak; D) La De Dah
• Correct Answer: Get a Job

9. 'Hey, Buddy, how can I get this car, Out of second gear?'
-- A) Summertime Blues; B) Oh, Boy!; C) Beep Beep; D) Chantilly Lace
• Correct Answer: Beep Beep

10. 'Johnny kissed the teacher, he tiptoed up to reach her.'
-- A) Johnny B. Goode; B) Bird Dog; C) Stupid Cupid; D) To Know Him Is To Love Him
• Correct Answer: Bird Dog


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