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1. What 1958 hit song was written by a Vice President of the United States?
-- A) You Cheated; B) It's Only Make Believe; C) Book of Love; D) It's All In The Game
• Correct Answer: It's All In The Game

2. How many eyes did the Purple People Eater have?
-- A) 1; B) 3; C) 5; D) 7
• Correct Answer: 1

3. What did Alvin want for Christmas?
-- A) a harmonica; B) a hula hoop; C) a guitar; D) a girl
• Correct Answer: a hula hoop

4. Elvis's 1958 movie, 'King Creole' was based on 'A Stone For Danny Fisher,' a novel by
-- A) Harold Robbins; B) Stephen King; C) Jacqueline Susann; D) Grace Metalious
• Correct Answer: Harold Robbins

5. Jan & Arnie reached #8 with 'Jennie Lee' in 1958. Arnie would soon be replaced by
-- A) Fred; B) The Playmates; C) Fran; D) Dean
• Correct Answer: Dean

6. Ricky Nelson had his first #1 in 1958 -- what was it?
-- A) Be Bop Baby; B) Poor Little Fool; C) Travelin' Man; D) Put Your Head On My Shoulder
• Correct Answer: Poor Little Fool

7. Which of the following was NOT a top ten hit for The Everly Brothers in 1958?
-- A) All I Have To Do Is Dream; B) Catch a Falling Star; C) Bird Dog; D) Problems
• Correct Answer: Catch a Falling Star

8. The Stroll was the big dance craze of 1958. What group made it into a top ten record, 'The Stroll.'
-- A) The Diamonds; B) Danny & The Juniors; C) The Drifters; D) The Playmates
• Correct Answer: The Diamonds

9. The Elegants were a one-hit-wonder -- what song did they make a #1 hit in 1958?
-- A) A Wonderful Time Up There; B) Kewpie Doll; C) Near You; D) Little Star
• Correct Answer: Little Star

10. What singer scored two top ten hits in 1958 and then dropped out of the top twenty for the rest of his career after it was disclosed that he had married his 14-year-old cousin?
-- A) Buddy Holly; B) Dion; C) Jerry Lee Lewis; D) Jimmie Rodgers
• Correct Answer: Jerry Lee Lewis


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