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1. 'Look up, is that the moon we see? Can’t be, looks like the sun to me.'
-- A) Not One Minute More; B) It's Late; C) Since You've Been Gone; D) The Diary
• Correct Answer: It's Late

2. 'The cement is just, it’s there for the weight dear.'
-- A) It's Time To Cry; B) Frankie; C) Mack the Knife; D) Be My Guest
• Correct Answer: Mack the Knife

3. 'You said it belonged to me, made me stop and think.'
-- A) Kookie, Kookie, Lend Me Your Comb; B) Pink Shoe Laces; C) Lipstick On Your Collar; D) Where Were You On Our Wedding Day
• Correct Answer: Lipstick On Your Collar

4. 'They’ve got some crazy little women there and I’m gonna get me one.'
-- A) The Tijuana Jail; B) GottaTravel On; C) Bimbombey; D) Kansas City
• Correct Answer: Kansas City

5. 'through the open window she hands Charlie a sandwich.'
-- A) The M.T.A.; B) Charlie Brown; C) Goodbye Baby; D) I've Had It
• Correct Answer: The M.T.A.

6. 'See the girl with the diamond ring, she knows how to shake that thing.'
-- A) What'd I Say; B) Dance With Me; C) Sixteen Candles; D) We Got Love
• Correct Answer: What'd I Say

7. 'Hurry up buttercup and don’t be late.'
-- A) Thank You Pretty Baby; B) I'll Be Satisfied; C) Tiger; D) I Only Have Eyes For You
• Correct Answer: Tiger

8. 'the bullet went threw Billy and broke the bar tender’s glass.'
-- A) Don't Take Your Guns To Town; B) Stagger Lee; C) Along Came Jones; D) Take a MessageTo Mary
• Correct Answer: Stagger Lee

9. 'Well if you want to make me cry, that won’t be so hard to do.'
-- A) Put Your Head On My Shoulder; B) It's Just A Matter Of Time; C) A Teenager In Love; D) It Doesn't Matter Anymore
• Correct Answer: A Teenager In Love

10. 'She got the high priced chassy, maybe she looks a little sassy'
-- A) Tallahassee Lassie; B) So Fine; C) Thank You Pretty Baby; D) Turn Me Loose
• Correct Answer: Tallahassee Lassie


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