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1. Edd Byrnes of 'Kookie' fame was in the movie 'Grease.' What role did he play?
-- A) disk jockey; B) principal; C) Johnny's father; D) Sandy's father
• Correct Answer: disk jockey

2. Who took Buddy Holly's place for the concert in Moorehead when the plane crashed killing all on board?
-- A) Dion; B) Ritchie Valens; C) Waylon Jennings; D) Bobby Vee
• Correct Answer: Bobby Vee

3. How many girls did Paul Evans have in the back seat of his car?
-- A) 3; B) 5; C) 7; D) 11
• Correct Answer: 7

4. What 1959 'Teen Idol' starred in the 1963 teen movie smash, 'Beach Party?'
-- A) Bobby Darin; B) Bobby Rydell; C) Frankie Avalon; D) Ricky Nelson
• Correct Answer: Frankie Avalon

5. In The Coasters' 1959 hit, 'Charlie Brown,' where was the smoke coming from?
-- A) the gym; B) the kitchen; C) the boys' room; D) the auditorium
• Correct Answer: the auditorium

6. What vocal group turned a 1933 Jerome Kern song into a #1 hit at the beginning of 1959?
-- A) The Platters; B) Dion & The Belmonts; C) The Kingston Trio; D) The Skyliners
• Correct Answer: The Platters

7. Which of these artists had previously scored 15 top ten hits, but failed to have any in 1959?
-- A) Bobby Rydell; B) Pat Boone; C) Ricky Nelson; D) Paul Anka
• Correct Answer: Pat Boone

8. Ray Anthony scored a top ten hit with a theme from which television series?
-- A) 77 Sunset Strip; B) Peter Gunn; C) Rawhide; D) Bonanza
• Correct Answer: Peter Gunn

9. What group was the only one to score multiple #1's in 1959?
-- A) The Fiestas; B) The Browns; C) The McGuire Sisters; D) The Fleetwoods
• Correct Answer: The Fleetwoods

10. What artist had four top twenty hits in 1959, his first since 'Lawdy Miss Clawdy' in 1952?
-- A) Jackie Wilson; B) Lloyd Price; C) Jimmie Rodgers; D) James Brown
• Correct Answer: Lloyd Price


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