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1. 'You tell me mistakes are part of being young, but that don't right the wrong that's been done.'
-- A) Among My Souveniers; B) O Dio Mio; C) I'm Sorry; D) Alone At Last
• Correct Answer: I'm Sorry

2. One, the way you hold my hand; Two, your laughing eyes.'
-- A) Sixteen Reasons; B) You're Sixteen; C) Heartaches By the Number; D) That's All You Gotta Do
• Correct Answer: Sixteen Reasons

3. 'But when the final dance is over, I'll be there to take you home.'
-- A) Where or When; B) He Will Break Your Heart; C) You Mean Everything To Me; D) Step By Step
• Correct Answer: He Will Break Your Heart

4. 'What in the world would Columbus do if Queen Isabella hadn't hockeed her jewels in 1492?'
-- A) Good Timin'; B) Run, Samson Run; C) Mule Skinner Blues; D) Mountain of Love
• Correct Answer: Good Timin'

5. 'Other arms reach out to me, other eyes smile tenderly.'
-- A) Image of a Girl; B) Lonely Blue Boy; C) Georgia On My Mind; D) Outside My Window
• Correct Answer: Georgia On My Mind

6. 'I'll tell the man to turn the jukebox way down low.'
-- A) Please Help Me, I'm Fallin'; B) Let the Little Girl Dance; C) Lonely Weekends; D) He'll Have To Go
• Correct Answer: He'll Have To Go

7. 'I wanna go home where I belong.'
-- A) Lonely Blue Boy; B) Lonely Teenager; C) Sad Mood; D) Stay
• Correct Answer: Lonely Teenager

8. 'I cry each night, my tears for you, my tears are all in vain.'
-- A) Puppy Love; B) Teen Angel; C) Three Nights A Week; D) The Big Hurt
• Correct Answer: Puppy Love

9. 'does your memory stray to that bright summer day when I kissed you and called you sweetheart?'
-- A) Sleep; B) Are You Lonesome Tonight?; C) Only the Lonely; D) My Hometown
• Correct Answer: Are You Lonesome Tonight?

10. 'I don't claim to be an 'A' student, but i'm trying to be.'
-- A) Wonderful World; B) A Fool In Love; C) A Thousand Stars; D) Lady Luck
• Correct Answer: Wonderful World


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