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1. What recording star of 1960 was considering recording the Al Jolson song from 1926, 'Are You Lonesome Tonight?' when she heard Elvis's version on the radio and quickly decided not to take that challenge?
-- A) Anita Bryant; B) Connie Stevens; C) Connie Francis; D) Annette
• Correct Answer: Connie Francis

2. Who reportedly gave Ernest Evans the name, Chubby Checker?
-- A) Dick Clark's wife; B) Fats Domino; C) Frankie Avalon; D) Ed Sullivan
• Correct Answer: Dick Clark's wife

3. Who was the lead singer for The Drifters on their 1960 hit 'Save the Last Dance For Me?'
-- A) Jackie Wilson; B) Clyde McPhatter; C) Sam Sooke; D) Ben E. KIng
• Correct Answer: Ben E. KIng

4. When Elvis Presley returned to the U.S. at the end of his Army duty, who was the official 'greeter?'
-- A) Phil Everley; B) Dick Clark; C) Sam Phillips; D) Nancy Sinatra
• Correct Answer: Nancy Sinatra

5. Who wrote Johnny Preston's 1960 hit, 'Running Bear?'
-- A) Buddy Holly; B) J.P. Richardson; C) Ritchie Valens; D) Dion
• Correct Answer: J.P. Richardson

6. What artist found much greater success in 1960 after moving from the Sun label to Monument?
-- A) Sam Cooke; B) Roy Orbison; C) Ricky Nelson; D) Johnny Cash
• Correct Answer: Roy Orbison

7. Billboard and Cashbox ranked the same song as #1 for the year. What was it?
-- A) Last Date; B) Are You Lonesome Tonight; C) Theme From A Summer Place; D) Georgia On My Mind
• Correct Answer: Theme From A Summer Place

8. Annette parlayed her Mousketeer career into recording success in 1960. Which of the followng was NOT an Annette record?
-- A) O Dio Mio; B) First Name Initial; C) Pineapple Princess; D) Sixteen Reasons
• Correct Answer: Sixteen Reasons

9. Bobby Rydell was one of the most successful artists of 1960 with six top twenty records. Which of these was NOT one of them?
-- A) Volare; B) Lady Luck; C) Wild One; D) Sway
• Correct Answer: Lady Luck

10. Kathy Young had a #3 hit with 'A Thousand Stars.' It was credited to Kathy Young & _____.
-- A) The Innocents; B) The Belmonts; C) The Midnighters; D) The Zodiacs
• Correct Answer:


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