Brook Benton
"You're in my spot again, honey"
Dinah Washington
Brook Benton had been singing in gospel groups and had some success as an R & B singer when he was signed by Mercury records and broke through to the pop charts in 1959. He was a successful writer who not only wrote his two successful 1959 releases, "It's Just a Matter of Time" and "Endlessly," but also wrote for other artists such as Clyde McPhatter's "A Lover's Question" and Nat Cole's "Looking Back" -- both of which he partnered with Clyde Otis. In early 1960, "So Many Ways" climbed to #6 on the Billboard Hot 100. Benton would then team up with another Mercury artist, Dinah Washington, to put two songs into the top 20: "Baby (You've Got What It Takes)" and "A Rockin' Good Way (To Mess Around and Fall In Love)." It's interesting to note that not withstanding the success of these duets, the truth is that the two didn't get along that well. In fact, if you listen to "Baby," you can here Ms. Washington complain when Brook tries to sing the verse -- "You're in my spot again, honey" -- she then takes over while Brook responds "I like your spot." The foul up was left in by Clyde Otis, much to Brook's chagrin. There is a lot of banter in the duet and one is given to think it is all good fun. But one story is told of how Ray Charles had to calm Brook down when Dinah made some negative comments about Brook's performance on the duets on stage one night. By the end of "The Elvis Era" Benton would have fifteen top 20 records. His highest charting song was a novelty tune, "The Boll Weevil Song" that went to #2 in 1961. As with many artists, his records stopped selling in 1964 as music tastes changed with the "British Invasion." But Benton would have a final shot of popularity in 1970 when "A Rainy Night in Georgia" went to #4. Brook Benton died of complications from spinal meningitus in 1988.
title week debuted highest ranking weeks on chart
It's Just a Matter of Time 2/9/59 3 14
Endlessly 5/4/59 12 9
Thank You Pretty Baby 8/3/59 16 9
So Many Ways 10/26/59 6 13
Baby, You've Got What It Takes 2/8/60 5 12
A Rockin Good Way 6/6/60 7 10
Kiddio 8/22/60 7 13
The Same One 8/29/60 16 10
Fools Rush In 11/21/60 24 7
Think Twice 2/27/61 11 9
The Boll Weevil Song 6/5/61 2 12
Frankie & Johnny 9/4/61 20 4
Revenge 12/18/61 15 5
Shadrack 1/27/62 19 5
Lie To Me 9/15/62 13 6
Hotel Happiness 12/8/62 3 10