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1. What group gave Barry Gordy of Motown his first million selling record?
-- A) The Marvelettes; B) The Supremes; C) The Miracles; D) The Shirelles
• Correct Answer: The Miracles

2. Who played the kettle drum on The Shirelles' recording of 'Will You Love Me Tomorrow?'
-- A) Carole King; B) Phil Specter; C) Bob Dylan; D) Sandy Nelson
• Correct Answer: Sandy Nelson

3. Elvis Presley made his last public concert appearance until 1969. It was a benefit played in
-- A) Nashville; B) Las Vegas; C) London; D) Pearl Harbor
• Correct Answer: Pearl Harbor

4. Bob Dylan played a concert at Carnegie Hall in November -- how many people were in attendance?
-- A) 53; B) 1,000; C) 1,500; D) 2,000
• Correct Answer: 53

5. The piano duo of Ferente & Teicher found success with movie songs. Which of these was a 1961 top ten record for them?
-- A) Yellow Bird; B) Tonight; C) Calcutta; D) Where The Boys Are
• Correct Answer: Tonight

6. The Four Preps had a minor hit with 'More Money For You and Me (Medley)' (#17). They made fun of other vocal groups, including which one of these?
-- A) The Coasters; B) The Drifters; C) The Fleetwoods; D) The Highwaymen
• Correct Answer: The Highwaymen

7. A group called the Pendletones got their first minor hit when they changed their name to
-- A) The Beach Boys; B) The Bellmonts; C) The Dreamlovers; D) The Four Seasons
• Correct Answer: The Beach Boys

8. Neil Sedaka had his first top ten hit with
-- A) Calendar Girl; B) Breaking Up Is Hard To Do; C) Running Scared; D) Good-bye Cruel World
• Correct Answer: Calendar Girl

9. What Chris Kenner record made it to #2 and would be covered in 1965 by The Dave Clark Five?
-- A) Let's Go Trippin'; B) I Like It Like That; C) Over and Over; D) Pretty Little Angel Eyes
• Correct Answer: I Like It Like That

10. 'Tossin' and Turnin' was Billboard's #1 song for 1961 -- who sang it?
-- A) Bobby Vee; B) Bobby Darin; C) Bobby Lewis; D) Bobby Edwards
• Correct Answer: Bobby Lewis

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