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1. 'Now you take Sally and I'll take Sue, and we're gonna rock away all our blues.'
-- A) Bristol Stomp; B) Dance On Little Girl; C) I Like It Like That; D) It Will Stand
• Correct Answer: I Like It Like That

2. 'Do you remember when things were really hummin''
-- A) Please Mr. Postman; B) Let's Twist Again; C) The Fly; D) Walk Right Back
• Correct Answer: Let's Twist Again

3. 'If he came back, which one would you choose?'
-- A) Running Scared; B) Running Bare; C) Runaway; D) Run To Him
• Correct Answer: Running Scared

4. 'and in the middle of the color cartoon I started to cry.'
-- A) Crying; B) I Just Don't Understand; C) I'm Hurtin'; D) Sad Movies
• Correct Answer: Sad Movies

5. 'Walkin' the floor, feelin' so blue, smoke cigarettes, drink coffee, too.'
-- A) Hello Walls; B) You're the Reason; C) The Great Imposter; D) Tossin' and Turnin'
• Correct Answer: You're the Reason

6. 'She took my love, then ran around with every single guy in town.'
-- A) You Can Have Her; B) My True Story; C) Runaround Sue; D) LIttle Sister
• Correct Answer: Runaround Sue

7. 'She had the longest,blackest hair; the prettiest green eyes anywhere.'
-- A) His Latest Flame; B) Calendar Girl; C) Frankie & Johnny; D) Hello Marylou
• Correct Answer: His Latest Flame

8. 'Then he rolled his big sleeves up, and a whole new world began. He created a woman and a lots of lovin' for a man.'
-- A) A Wonder Like You; B) Never On Sunday; C) A Hundred Pounds of Clay; D) Portrait of My Love
• Correct Answer: A Hundred Pounds of Clay

9. 'waiting 'round the bend, my Huckleberry friend'
-- A) The Mountains High; B) Moon River; C) Walk On By; D) Where the Boys Are
• Correct Answer: Moon River

10. 'You worry my days, yes you torture my nights.'
-- A) Emotions; B) The Story of My Love; C) Without You; D) Heartaches
• Correct Answer: Emotions


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