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1. 'I tear open my shirt and I show Rosie on my chest.'
-- A) She's Not You; B) The Wanderer; C) Revenge; D) Her Royal Majesty
• Correct Answer: The Wanderer

2. 'I got to be somewhere tomorrow to smile and do my show.'
-- A) Teenage Idol; B) Ramblin' Rose; C) Smoky Places; D) The Crowd
• Correct Answer: Teenage Idol

3. 'They look for records they can do it to; they got a dance was outta sight, doin the lion sleeps tonight.'
-- A) The Locomotion; B) Rock-a-Hula Baby; C) Wiggle Wobble; D) Mashed Potato Time
• Correct Answer: Mashed Potato Time

4. 'If they don’t like him that way, they won’t like me, I’m sure to say'
-- A) Playboy; B) He's a Rebel; C) Keep Your Hands Off My Baby; D) Dream Baby
• Correct Answer: He's a Rebel

5. 'Told my girl we had to break up; thought that she would call my bluff.'
-- A) Snap Your Fingers; B) What's a Matter Baby; C) Big Girls Don't Cry; D) Don't Hang Up
• Correct Answer: Big Girls Don't Cry

6. 'I love you and I’m dreaming of you, that won’t do.'
-- A) Dream Baby; B) Hey Baby; C) Hullly Gully Baby; D) Baby It's You
• Correct Answer: Dream Baby

7. 'It’s just not right to hide his daughter from the one who loves her so.'
-- A) Wolverton Mountain; B) Bobby's Girl; C) Don't Hang Up; D) I Sold My Heart To The Junkman
• Correct Answer: Wolverton Mountain

8. 'From out of the east a stranger came, a law book in his hand.'
-- A) Lovers Who Wander; B) Follow That Dream; C) The Man Who Shot Liberty Valance; D) Speedy Gonzales
• Correct Answer: The Man Who Shot Liberty Valance

9. 'This time I’m gonna take it myself and put it right in her hand. And if it comes back the very next day, then I’ll understand.'
-- A) Stop the Music; B) What's Your Name; C) Return To Sender; D) Breaking Up Is Hard To Do
• Correct Answer: Return To Sender

10. 'Do do do Down dooby doo down down Comma, comma, down dooby doo down down'
-- A) Breaking Up Is Hard To Do; B) Sherry; C) Let Me In; D) The Lion Sleeps Tonight
• Correct Answer: Breaking Up Is Hard To Do


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