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1. What 1962 hit song was the inspiration for John Lennon to play harmonica on two of the Beatles first recordings, 'Love Me Do' and 'Please, Please Me?'
-- A) 'Dream Baby' by Roy Orbison; B) 'Hey Baby' by Bruce Chanell; C) 'Hully Gully Baby' by The Dovells; D) 'Palisades Park' by Freddy Cannon
• Correct Answer: 'Hey Baby' by Bruce Chanell

2. Which snging group debuted in 1962 after performing before as 'The Four Lovers,' 'The Village Voices,' and 'The Varietones?'
-- A) Joey Dee & The Starlighters; B) The Highwaymen; C) Jay & The Americans; D) The Four Seasons
• Correct Answer: The Four Seasons

3. Eddie Brigati, Felix Cavaliere, and Gene Cornish eventually joined Dno Danelli to become the successful band, The Young Rascals in 1965. Before that, they were members of what successful 1962 band?
-- A) Joey Dee & The Strlighters; B) The Highwaymen; C) Jay & The Americans; D) The Four Seasons
• Correct Answer: Joey Dee & The Strlighters

4. What group took the place of the original Crystals on 'He's a Rebel' so that Phil Spector could get the record recorded in Los Angeles?
-- A) The Ronettes; B) The Shirelles; C) The Marvelettes; D) The Blossoms
• Correct Answer: The Blossoms

5. Ray Charles had a #1 record with 'I Can't Stop Loving You' in 1962. It was a single released from his top selling album, 'Modern Sounds in Country and Western Music.' What country artist wrote and originally recorded 'I Can't Stop Loving You?'
-- A) Patsy Cline; B) Don Gibson; C) Charlie Pride; D) Willie Nelson
• Correct Answer: Don Gibson

6. Elvis Presley's #1 hit, 'Can't Help Falling In Love With You' was from which one of his movies?
-- A) Blue Hawaii; B) Follow That Dream; C) Fun In Acapulco; D) North by Northwest
• Correct Answer: Blue Hawaii

7. Chubby Checker's 'The Twist' was re-released in late 1961 and again climbed to the #1 spot. What Chubby Checker record reached #1 in 1962?
-- A) The Bunny Hop; B) The Mess Around; C) Limbo Rock; D) The Fly
• Correct Answer: Limbo Rock

8. Claude King had the most successfull country cross-over of 1962 with
-- A) Lizzie Bordon; B) Wolverton Mountain; C) Crying in the Rain; D) I Remember You
• Correct Answer: Wolverton Mountain

9. Brenda Lee had three top ten hits in 1962. Which of the following wasn't one of them?
-- A) All Alone Am I; B) Everybody Loves Me But You; C) Break It To Me Gently; D) Second Hand Love
• Correct Answer: Second Hand Love

10. What was the 'B' side to 'Disappointed' that became a #5 hit for Claudine Clark?
-- A) Having a Party; B) Party Lights; C) Let's Dance; D) Mashed Potato Time
• Correct Answer: Party Lights


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