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1. 'Now I don’t want, this should scare ya, but my bunkmate, has malaria.'
-- A) That Sunday, That Summer; B) Wildwood Days; C) Hello Muddah, Hello Faddah; D) Have You Heard
• Correct Answer: Hello Muddah, Hello Faddah

2. 'How many times can a man turn his head and pretend he just doesn‘t see?'
-- A) Blowin' In The Wind; B) From a Jack to a King; C) Ring of Fire; D) True Love Never Runs Smooth
• Correct Answer: Blowin' In The Wind

3. 'Right smack dab in the middle of town, I‘ve found a paradise that’s trouble proof.'
-- A) Hotel Happiness; B) Sugar Shack; C) Up On the Roof; D) Birdland
• Correct Answer: Up On the Roof

4. 'Will I walk with a smile on my face, knowing I live a lie?'
-- A) Don't Set Me Free; B) Two Faces Have I; C) Forget Him; D) Hey Girl
• Correct Answer: Two Faces Have I

5. 'I got a letterman‘s sweater with a letter in front I got for football and track.'
-- A) Fun Fun Fun; B) Remember Then; C) Be True To Your School; D) Walk Like a Man
• Correct Answer: Be True To Your School

6. 'They all told me sing to him, swing with him, and just do anything for him.'
-- A) Easier Said Than Done; B) Follow the Boys; C) Not Me; D) Da Doo Ron Ron
• Correct Answer: Easier Said Than Done

7. 'The only girl I care about has gone away, Looking for a brand new start'
-- A) My Summer Love; B) Rhythm of the Rain; C) She's a Fool; D) Wonderful Summer
• Correct Answer: Rhythm of the Rain

8. 'Love brings such misery and pain,I guess I'll never be the same'
-- A) Since I Fell For You; B) Take These Chains From My Heart; C) You Can Never Stop Me Loving You; D) Our Day Will Come
• Correct Answer: Since I Fell For You

9. 'I just can't wait, I just can't wait, To be held in his arms'
-- A) He's Sure the Boy I Love; B) Come and Get These Memories; C) Judy's Turn To Cry; D) He's So Fine
• Correct Answer: He's So Fine

10. 'f I could meet 'em I could get 'em, but as yet I haven't met 'em; that's why I'm in the shape I'm in'
-- A) The Good Life; B) Come and Get These Memories; C) Another Saturday Night; D) Cry to Me
• Correct Answer: Another Saturday Night


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