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1. Who was the first artist to have a Lennon / McCartney song in the Billboard Hot 100?
-- A) The Kingsmen; B) Del Shannon; C) Bobby Darin; D) The Rocky Fellers
• Correct Answer: Del Shannon

2. Which of the following would actually be a more appropriate title for Kyu Sakamoto's number one song, 'Sukiyaki?'
-- A) I Look Up; B) Morning Rainbows; C) Sunshine Road; D) Beef Stew
• Correct Answer: I Look Up

3. Which of the following is true of Jan & Dean's #1 hit, 'Surf City?'
-- A) Brian Wilson sued for song writing credit.; B) It was originally released by The Kingsmen.; C) It was the featured song in the movie, 'Beach Party.'; D) Brian Wilson wrote it and sang on the record.
• Correct Answer:

4. Which of the following was NOT a Motown hit in 1963?
-- A) Pride and Joy; B) Mickey's Monkey; C) Be My Baby; D) Heat Wave
• Correct Answer: Be My Baby

5. What 1963 folk group had three top ten hits with Bob Dylan Songs?
-- A) Peter, Paul & Mary; B) The Rooftop Singers; C) The Kingston Trio; D) The New Christy Minstrels
• Correct Answer:

6. 'Louie Louie' wasn't in Billboard's year end chart for 1963 because it was released so late in the year. What ranking did it get in 1964?
-- A) 21; B) 37; C) 40; D) 99
• Correct Answer: 99

7. Phil Specter produced two top ten hits for The Crystals in 1963, 'Da Doo Ron Ron' and
-- A) Be My Baby; B) Then He Kissed Me; C) Leader of the Pack; D) He's So Fine
• Correct Answer: Then He Kissed Me

8. The year ended with what Bobby Vinton tune at the top of the chart?
-- A) Heat Wave; B) There I've Said It Again; C) Walking the Dog; D) Bossa Nova Baby
• Correct Answer: There I've Said It Again

9. What future Las Vegas headliner had his first chart single in 1963?
-- A) Tom Jones; B) Wayne Newton; C) Andy Williams; D) Johnny Mathis
• Correct Answer: Wayne Newton

10. 'On Broadway' had been recorded by The Crystals and The Cookies, but when prorducers Jerry Leiber and Mike Stoller gave it a different twist it became a top ten hit for
-- A) The Drifters; B) The Kingston Trio; C) Dion; D) Ricky Nelson
• Correct Answer: The Drifters

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