Playlists are collections of songs from The Elvis Era that have a common thread. Several are "bests" collections -- "Best Dance Records," "Best Romance Records," etc. Some represent a common characteristic, e.g. "Under Rated." All reflect my personal judgment, recognizing that everyone might not agree that Patsy Cline's "Crazy" is the best "heartbreak" song from the Elvis Era. Each page has a jukebox player for the songs on the playlist which includes a display of the artist and the song's top twenty record, along with commentary and / or other information about the song. Below is an example of a playlist -- all of the songs from The Elvis Era that have the word "blue" in the title. Certainly not a very controversial list, nor a very meaningful one -- but it's just an example. On the right side of the page are links to the various playlists which are updated periodically.