In 1962, 211 song are listed. 181 made the top twenty and 109 were ranked in the top ten. Select a title from the list (scrollable) below and then click "Submit" to display the record.

*The Billboard and Cashbox end of year rankings were published at the end of the year and reflected a record's performance only through November. Also, they did not take into account the performance of records that continued on the charts into the new year. While the Gilbert & Theroux charts (top 40) were published in 1982, they also did not reflect a record's total performance as they neglected next year performance. The "Elvis Era" ranking is based on the total Billboard top twenty performance. Most records had a majority of their success in one year or another and were assigned to the year of their greatest success. In some cases, records were listed in two years because their top twenty experience was evenly split.

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