Day 12 – Monday, June 4th

This was our day to do nothing – we slept late, went to breakfast late.  The rain stopped before noon and we had another sunny day.  We went down to the hotel’s beach, and I do mean down – two flights of stairs, a long elevator ride and then about 30 more steps.  The beach is what we would call gravel, but they had some nice deck chairs to sit on.  We enjoyed the sunshine and eventually I tried to walk across the rocks to get in the water – I made it to ankle deep, but then the rocks were just too intimidating (and I was wearing shorts – we didn’t bring swim suits).  As usual, after about an hour and a half I had had enough (German couple settled in behind us and the guy talked constantly).  I headed back to the room while Judy stayed.  I spent the rest of the afternoon on the deck.  After I was gone some of the others in our group came to the beach and eventually Judy joined them in the water (she had some old shoes to wear).  She said it was a great experience.  So, I have waded in the Mediterranean, but Judy has actually swam in it.

After cleaning up, I took a nap while Judy read.  Eventually we went out to eat with some of our fellow travelers.  Getting there was an adventure as we had to walk along the highway (no sidewalk) and it was very narrow – and the people here drive crazy.  It was about three blocks up the hill to the restaurant where Judy and I shared a pizza and we shared a desert.

We survived the return walk and are now back in our room with most of our stuff packed to be ready to leave in the morning.  We enjoyed a glass of wine on the veranda.  As yet, Pastor hasn’t changed the departure time so we can sleep in a little – but just in case, I’ll set the alarm.

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