This video was prepared for viewing at Julie's visitation and reception luncheon. If you saw it then, you might still want to take another look as it was sometimes difficult to hear the audio during those showings. I used four songs, one for each segment. The first segment shows Julie from a baby to young adulthood. The song accompaniment is "Grease." That movie was a particular favorite of Julie's and she always said it was our first "date" as I took her to that movie in 1978 when she was six. The second segment is titled "I'm ready to play" with John Fogerty's "Centerfield" as the soundtrack --it showcases Julie's athletic prowess. "Don't you know that you're my hero" is the third segment, Bette Midler's "Wings Beneath My Wings." It shows Julie's devoted support for her family. The final segment is "I can only imagine." MercyMe's song is the accompanment and I think its speaks for itself. In addition to the musical background, there are two other audio portions I would point out: In the "Don't you know that you're my hero" segment there is a clip of Joel running track -- Julie is right there at the curve and you can hear her cheering her on. The final segment begins with a clip from Julie's interview with the EnglishDistrict after she had received the Lumen Christi Award -- the concluding comment always gets me -- "I see the faces of people who love me."
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