The Vinyl Museum is a collection of LP's from the late 1950's and 1960's. These are LP's that I still own and on rare occasions still put on the old turntable and listen to. For you non-Boomers, "LP" stands for "Long Play" -- these were also referred to as record "albums" because they contained a collection of songs rather than just the one song on each side. The preferred medium of the day was the "45," so-called because the disk spun at 45 revolutons per minute. The "LP's" were played at 33 1/3 rpm's and could thus hold more music. The 45's were smaller, about the size of today's standard cd. The LP's were about 12" disks and most had around six songs to a side.
Beach Boys' Party
Introducing The Beatles
Johnny Burnette's Hits
Johnny Cash Greatest Hits Volume 1
A Date With The Everly Brothers
The Elvis Presley Story
A Song For young Love
Roy Orbison's Greatest Hits
Rick Nelson - The Legendary Masters Series
The Shirelles Greatest Hits
The Best of The Kingston Trio
Bobby Vee Sings Your Favorites
Johnny's Greatest Hits