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"Will You Love Me Tomorrow"
The Shirelles were the first of the "Girl Groups." Their songs were consistently on the charts from 1960 - 63. One story is that the group took their name from lead singer, Shirley Alston. But when the group took the name, Shirley was not the lead singer. The girls claim it was just a good sounding name they liked -- kind of emulating The Chantels. The Chantels, and Chodettes were predecessors of The Shirelles in a pop music era that heavily favored male performers. The Shirelles had a couple of minor hits, but in late 1960 they recorded "Will You Love Me Tomorow." Originally they didn't care for the song, but their producer owed a favor to writers Carole King and Geoffrey Goffin. "Will You Love Me Tomorrow" became The Shirelle's first number one song and the first for King & Goffin who would go on to write many popular standards of the early 60's ("Take Good Care of My Baby," "The Locomotion," "One Fine Day," "Up On the Roof" to name a few). The popularity of The Shirelles led to success for other groups such as The Marvelettes, The Crystals, Martha & the Vandellas. And, of course, the ultimate "Girl Group," The Supremes.
Top recordings from The Elvis ERA:

title week debuted highest ranking weeks on chart
Tonight's the Night 10/17/1960 39 3
Will You Love Me Tomorrow 12/12/1960 1 15
Dedicated to the One I Love 2/6/1961 3 14
Mama Said 5/1/1961 4 8
Big John 10/23/1961 21 5
Baby It's You 1/6/1962 8 11
Soldier Boy 3/31/1962 1 13
Welcome Home Baby 7/7/1962 22 6
Stop the Music 10/6/1962 36 3
Everybody Loves a Lover 12/15/1962 19 9
Foolish Little Girl 4/20/1963 4 9
DonÕt Say Goodnight and Mean Goodbye 7/13/1963 26 4
The Shirelles
"Blue Holiday"
"The Shirelles Greatest Hits" was an LP' I had to have. "Dedicated to the One I Love," "Will You Love Me Tomorrow," and "Baby, It's You." were among my favorite songs in the early '60's. During Christmas vacation, 1962 I got to drive to Omaha on the Interstate! I had my learner's permit and I'd bet it was my first interstate experience. At the time, Lincoln did not have any "discount" stores and Mom and Dad liked to shop at "Skaggs" in Omaha (a precursor of K-Mart). A couple of my friends (I don't remember for sure, who) rode along. In the music department, I found "The Shirelles Greatest Hits" and for a discount price. This album would become one of the most well-worn of my collection. Besides the hit recordings, the album has several other cuts that I really like: "Blue Holiday," "A Thing of the Past," "It's Love That Really Counts," and "The Things I Want to Hear." During the same trip I also purchased "The Drifters Greatest Hits" ..... but that's another story.