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Headline Graphics
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Making the Video
The highlight video from the '87-'88 season was, by today's standards, low quality. It was produced pre digital revolution. Most of the video used was game tapes. The process was to copy clips from one vhs recorder to another, adding them in sequence. Then copies were made of the master tape for distribution. Therefore, the final product was (at the least) a third generation tape -- there was a decline in quality each time the tape was copied. The quicktime movie produced for this web site took the clips from that original highlight tape and re-edited them. Computer graphics for the home computer were almost non-existent
The above graphic was the extent of "computer graphics" used in the initial highlight video.

"Wa 'Hoosiers'"
Gene Hackman starred as Coach Norman Dale in the movie.

In 1986, the movie, "Hoosiers," about the 1952 Hickory Indiana basketball team that won the State, all class championship, was very popular. When the Wahoo team defeated Lincoln Pius X in the final game, there were some comparisons made. Although, Wahoo wasn't winning the "all class" championship, they were certainly the "small town hicks" up against the big city boys. While the Hickory victory was a colossal achievement, the Wahoo win was the beginning of a "dynasty." Jimmy Chitwood scored from the top of the key to get the win for the Hickory Huskers -- Steve Carmer drove to the basket for the Warrior win. Since there was no set play called by Coach Anderson, Carmer didn't get the chance to say, "I'll make it." When the initial highlight video was made, some clips from "Hoosiers" were incorporated. The picture on the gym wall at the end of the movie was part of the inspiration for the team photos eventually displayed on the walls outside the gym at Wahoo High School.
Wall pictures and trophy cases on display outside the Wahoo High School gym.

Movie Quotes
Jimmy Chitwood: I play, coach stays. He goes, I go.
Coach Norman Dale: My practices aren't designed for your enjoyment.
"Shooter": I know everything there is to know about the greatest game ever invented.
Coach Dale: I'm sure going to the state finals is beyond your wildest dreams, so let's just keep it right there.
Myra Fleener: I don't want this to be the high point of his life. I've seen them, the real sad ones. They sit around the rest of their lives talking about the glory days when they were seventeen years old. Coach Dale: You know, most people would kill ... to be treated like a god, just for a few moments.
"Shooter": Now, boys, don't get caught watching the paint dry.
Coach Dale: If you put your effort and concentration into playing to your potential, to be the best that you can be, I don't care what the scoreboard says at the end of the game, in my book we're gonna be winners.
Chitwood: I'll make it.
Coach Dale: I love you guys.