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Lessons Learned -- ready to compete

Perhaps the best way to describe the Wahoo team that emerged from their loss to Syracuse in the Conference Championship game is “refocused.” The season had begun with a clear cut goal -- get back to Lincoln and compete for a State Championship. Somewhere in all the success, other things had started to matter just as much if not more. There was all the talk of an undefeated season. There was the speculation of how the Warriors stacked up against the Class A schools (implying nobody in Class B could mount much of a challenge). Now that those issues had been laid to rest, the team would be a little more narrow minded. And the Warriors had learned some valuable lessons from their loss. They would play hard each and every game, no matter the quality of the opponent. They would use the three point goal. And they would develop some bench strength.

Earlier, Coach Anderson had complained about the pace of the schedule, only one game a week. But in February, the schedule was just what the coach wanted -- three consecutive weeks of Friday / Saturday games. And although there were no top ten teams to be faced in those games, the Warriors played each one as if it was a “big game.” The result was a string of six wins in which Wahoo approached the century mark twice (98 against Valley and 99 against Fremont Bergan). The lowest point output was 63 (David City Aquinas). And the defense didn’t suffer either as Wahoo defeated its opponents by an average of 27 points. How they would do when they once again faced a top ten team (and it would be a top ten Class B team) remained unknown. But it appeared that Wahoo had done all it could do to be ready.
Lessons Learned, Pt. 2 -- shooting the three
"We are ready to go now, and this (the Ashland victory) pumps us up." -- Coach Anderson

Down the Regular Season Stretch:
Wahoo 98 - Ashland 57
Wahoo 73 - Fremont Bergan 45
Wahoo 99 - Valley 57
Wahoo 63 - D. C. Aquinas 42
Wahoo 76 - Schuyler 46
Wahoo 69 - North Bend 53

"We didn't play a bad half of basketball and end up being down 17 at half time." -- Randy Eikmeier, Bergan Head Coach