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The Last Word

Obviously, the crown jewel for the ‘87-’88 Warriors was the State Championship trophy. But along the way, they registered some other noteworthy achievements. The final rankings for both the Omaha World Herald and the Lincoln Journal Star put Wahoo at the top of Class B -- the first #1 rankings for the school. In addition, although losing the Capitol Conference Tournament Championship to Syracuse, Wahoo won the regular season title with a perfect 6 - 0 record. They set two school records: their 23 - 1 was the most wins ever for a Wahoo team, and their fieldgoal percentage (52%) was the best since the records were established.

Several individual marks were also posted. Steve Carmer surpassed Tim Shanahan in career scoring, posting 1,018 points. His 342 points made him the 9th best single season scorer. Carmer's 518 career rebounds made him the second best and his 187 rebounds for '87-'88 ranked 8th best. Kevin Jeppson set the school record for assists early in the year when he dished out 12 against Arlington. And, of course, Jeppson set the school record for 3 point fieldgoal percentage (39%). With a season to go, Troy Glock held the career assist record with 324 and had moved up to #9 on the career rebounding list with 321. Dan Bartek set the single season fieldgoal percent record at 63.2%. Dan Bartek and Troy Glock were named to the Class B All-Tournament Team. Bartek, Glock and Steve Carmer were voted first team All Conference. Steve Carmer was named to the Class B All State Second Team and Bartek and Glock were Honorable Mention.

In all ways, the 1987 - 1988 campaign had been a big success. The coaches and players took some time to let it all sink in. Kevin Jeppson allowed that he’d remember this feeling “at least until the end of the week. ... until the golf season.” On the other extreme, Dan Bartek felt “it will last forever.” And Troy Glock saw some benefit for the whole town -- “It helps the community come closer together.” But even before the microphone was turned off at the celebration banquet, that community was beginning to buzz about the next season.

1988 was the year the Los Angeles Lakers won “Back-to-Back” NBA Championships after Coach Pat Riley had made the bold prediction at the end of the 1987 season. Coach Anderson didn’t stand at the podium in the Wahoo gym and make any such guarantees. But people were talking. Even though seven seniors from the Championship team would be gone, four of them starters, some seemed to think the Warriors could do it again. After all, Troy Glock was back to run the show. And did you see that younger brother of his play! Oh, and by the way, both the Wahoo junior varsity and freshmen teams were undefeated in ‘87 - ‘88. But Mr. Riley would be quick to point out to his Wahoo counterpart (as he does in his book, “The Winner Within”) that getting to the top and staying on top were quite different. It was a nice problem to have. . While those seven seniors wouldn’t have to face the challenge of trying to “stay on top,” the Wahoo coaching staff and returning players would embrace it wholeheartedly. But, “staying number one” doesn’t have the same sense of urgency that a goal such as getting to state after a 39 year absence does. It doesn’t have the ring that a goal such as win the first championship in 61 years does. Of course, the ‘87-’88 season wasn’t perfect -- there was that one loss. So, maybe the team would be focused on “winning them all.” But even at the start of this season, Coach Andeson had alluded to how tough that was. Just look at the Class B field in this year’s tournament -- there were no undefeated teams. Maybe Wahoo could crack the Omaha World Herald all class rankings again. Of course, that one week stint hadn’t worked out too well for this year’s team. Coach Anderson would probably leave those other things alone and try to focus his team on a second straight championship -- only a small number of teams had ever done that. That would be the focus for ‘88 - ‘89 -- “Back to Back!”

Oh, by the way, nobody probably noticed, but the Wahoo team finished the season with a 12 game winning streak.
The 1988 State Champions celebrate (Bartek, Carmer, Obert).

Wahoo was ranked #1 in both the Lincoln Journal Star and Omaha World Herald.

Wahoo's Seven Seniors: Liliedahl, Carmer, Bartek, Obert, Jeppsen, Tingelhoff, Malousek

Coach Anderson speaking at the community banquet honoring the team