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An Old District -- top gun

In the last weekend of the regular season, Wahoo went on the road. After a tense win at Schuyler (Wahoo led by only 5 in the third period), the Warriors journeyed to North Bend on Saturday night and easily downed a North Bend team that had only registered two wins. The 83 - 64 win over the Tigers gave Wahoo its best season ever at 20 - 0. Coach Anderson called it a “non-pressure way to end the season.” As the Warriors looked forward to the Class B3 District Tournament, they couldn’t help but be optimistic. No other ranked teams were in the B3 District. The schools were the same that Wahoo faced in 1988. The 20 - 0 record made the Warriors the top gun and gave them a big first round advantage, facing Ashland, another two-win team that Wahoo had already beaten soundly twice. And the rest of the District didn’t look that tough as both of the other teams in Wahoo’s end of the bracket were under .500 teams, Boys Town with six wins and Platteview with seven. Gretna and Waverly would battle in the other side of the bracket with Gretna (11 - 7) being the probable opponent (Gretna had just recently dropped out of the top ten rankings). Any way you sliced it, Wahoo was the overwhelming favorite.

But there were a few mitigating factors that gave the Wahoo faithful some concern. First of all, Cliff Kreizel, the senior forward who had started all season until suffering a severely sprained ankle in the David City Aquinas game, was still nursing his injury. While sophomores Steve Volin, Ryan Eddie, and Bernie Inbody had stepped in and actually provided some offensive punch for the Warriors, the coaches would have liked to have had their senior back in the lineup. Coach Anderson had bemoaned the situation in the Schuyler game when he noted that it limited the defenses they could use.

Secondly, this was tournament time and losing meant the end of the season. In 1989 there was no wild card entry to the state tournament; even though undefeated, the Warriors could find themselves on the sidelines. Coach Anderson had commented on the undefeated season, “It’s very difficult to go undefeated because you usually stumble along the way. Hopefully, we won’t stumble now.” Only Troy and Jason Glock had played meaningful minutes under those circumstances.

And finally, especially when faced with a weak district, there was the danger of “looking ahead.” While every coach and every player denies doing it, and constantly applies the mantra, “one at a time,” the players and coaches of the 1989 team were to some degree “looking ahead.” And, while not among the top teams in the state, teams like Gretna, Waverly and Boys Town could point to a much tougher regular season schedules. Still, the path to the state tournament looked smooth and wide open. And the undefeated Warriors were still looking up at #1 Lincoln Pius X. Prior to the District, Jason Glock admitted the Warriors wanted a rematch of their 1988 championship game and said, “We’re getting ready for them.” But then he quickly added, “.. but we’re taking it one game at a time. We just have to wait and see what happens.”

Thirty miles to the south, Lincoln Pius X also entered district play with an undefeated record. Their district appeared a little more challenging as two ranked teams, Seward (14 - 6) and York (13 - 5), could present significant challenges. Pius X Coach Tom Seib had commented at the start of the season that it was tough to be ranked number one. His team had not only survived that pressure, but had also dealt with the mounting stress of staying undefeated. The Bolts also denied any “looking ahead.” But they couldn’t help but notice that Wahoo had doggedly held on to that #2 position all year and were also undefeated. And they couldn’t help but hunger to avenge the last -second defeat of 1988. They were top gun in their district. If Wahoo and Lincoln Pius X could both survive their district competition, maybe they’d get the chance to find out who the top, top gun was.

"An Old District, Pt. 2 -- ashland ... again"
Class B Final Regular Season Rankings:
Lincoln Journal Star:

1. Lincoln Pius X (19 - 0)
2. Wahoo (20 - 0)
3. Elkhorn (15 - 5)
4. Norris (16 - 4)
5. Ord (17 - 2)
6. Raymond Central (14 - 5)
7. Elkhorn Mt. Michael (12 - 5)
8. Syracuse (15 - 5)
9. York (13 - 5)
10. Seward (14 - 6)

Omaha World Herald:

1. Lincoln Pius X (19 - 0)
2. Wahoo (20 - 0)
3. Norris (16 - 4)
4. Ord (17 - 2)
5. Elkhorn (15 - 5)
6. Syracuse (15 - 5)
7. Elkhorn Mt. Michael (12 - 5)
8. Raymond Central (14 - 5)
9. York (13 - 5)
10. Seward (14 - 6)

Both papers had Lincoln Pius X ranked ahead of Wahoo in the final season rankings. Pius had beaten six of the other nine rated teams (Norris, Elkhorn, Syracuse, Mt. Michael, York, and Seward) while Wahoo had only beaten three (Raymond Central, Syracuse, and Mt. Michael).

B-3 District:
1. Wahoo
2. Gretna
3. Waverly
4. Platteview
5. Boys Town
6. Plattsmouth
7. Omaha St. Joseph
8. Ashland
None of the other teams in the B-3 District were in the top ten at the end of the year. Gretna had dropped out the last week of regular season.

"It doesn't matter where we're ranked. We've been a marked team all year. Our determination is to get back to Lincoln." -- Coach Anderson