"Comfortable" -- physically relaxed; free from stress or fear

The pressure of trying to win a fourth consecutive state title and setting a Nebraska state record for consecutive wins would grow as the season progressed.

"You hear so much about the streak and the championships that it kind of numbs you." -- Coach Anderson

Introduction -- The Quad Squad

The best word to describe the players sitting in the locker room on Friday, November 30, 1990 would be “comfortable.” That might seem strange -- most basketball teams as they anticipate the first game of a new season would more likely be described as “anxious,” or perhaps, “excited.” But as the Wahoo boys basketball team assembled before the chalkboard to get their pre game instructions concerning their first foe of the season, David City, “comfortable” would have been fitting. For this was not an ordinary small town high school basketball team. This was a team on a 64 game win streak, with a chance at setting a new state record. This was a team about to begin a pursuit of an unprecedented fourth consecutive state championship. Those factors might suggest that “anxious” or “excited” would be the mood of the day. And certainly those players would become more disposed to those temperaments as the season progressed, but on that Friday night, they were, for the most part, “comfortable.”