Of the six junior varsity players, Justin Anderson would see the most varsity time, playing in three quarters of the varsity game.

Sean Brennan would lead the jv team in scoring in '91.
Introduction -- The Quad Squad

Junior Varsity Against David City
For some of the players, their significant action on the court was already over. Sophomores Justin Anderson, Ryan Glock, and Sean Brennan along with juniors Todd Kaiser, Jeremy Herrman, and Keith Klemme had already played in the junior varsity game earlier. The evening’s contest being a boy / girl double header, the boys junior varsity game had been completed and the girls team was playing as the boys awaited in the locker room. Those six players had seen considerable playing time in the jv game and were well over opening game jitters as they had easily prevailed, 75 - 40. For Herrmann, Anderson and Glock, they were in a familiar situation. During the ‘89 - ‘90 season, they had played for the junior varsity and then awaited their opportunities at the end of varsity games to get some court time. And that time had usually been extensive as the 1990 team had blown out most opponents by early in the third quarter. The three junior varsity veterans were feeling some excitement as they were well aware of the prospect of varsity playing time, and were also reasonably hopeful of some extended varsity minutes. And they certainly felt no pressure as the outcome of the varsity contest would probably not fall on their shoulders.

For the other three players from the junior varsity team, this was something somewhat new. Klemme and Kaiser had suited up for a few varsity games the previous season. It was Brennan’s first time in a varsity uniform. All were well aware of the pre game routine and what was expected of them. There was some added excitement as they contemplated their chance for varsity playing time -- they knew the precedents set in the previous season and legitimately expected they would have their chance on the “mop up” crew. So there was some excitement, but again, their playing time would come with the contest already decided.

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In the Junior Varsity game against David City: 1) Keith Klemme and Ryan Glock combine for the steal, Justin Anderson picks up the loose ball and hits Jeremy Herrmann for the layup; 2) Justin drives into the lane for the score; 3) Todd Kaiser gets the block and the rebound; 4) Tim Bohaty passes to Keith who finds Sean Brennan on the block for the score; 5) Ryan drives the lane and dishes to Brett Eddie for the jumper

Six junior varsity players were seeing varsity playing time and only five could start. In the David City Game, it was Todd Kaiser who came off the bench. He would play a considerable amount of the jv game and score a basket in the varsity game.