Juniors Jeff Simons and Trent Toline got their first varsity starts against David City.

Ryan Eddie got his 27th consecutive start against David City.
Introduction -- The Quad Squad

Warriors scored 108 points against David City
The other seven players facing coach Mick Anderson in that locker room knew that their play would determine the outcome of the game. Three of them were veterans of the “mop up” crew of ‘89 - ‘90: Joel Weyand, Jeff Simons and Trent Toline. For Weyand, the youngest of the group as a sophomore, there was cause for some butterflies as he knew he would be called on early to come off the bench. Juniors Simons and Toline might have been a little more relaxed, but with senior Steve Volin out with an injury, they had both been tabbed as varsity starters for the first time, so the tension was a little increased. But as they listened to Coach Anderson’s instructions, they were well aware that their fellow starters were veteran seniors they could count on, and not just ordinary veteran starters.

Jason Glock, Ryan Eddie, Bernie Inbody and Steve Volin had a combined nine years of varsity experience; not just for run of the mill season games -- these four had played in front of record crowds at the Devaney Sports Center in Lincoln and won multiple state championships. And they had never lost a varsity game. Eddie, Inbody and Volin had been in varsity uniform since their sophomore year and the Warriors hadn’t lost a game. The last time Wahoo had lost was in January of 1988. It was the conference tournament and as a freshman, Jason Glock did not play in the game. Following that contest he would begin seeing more and more playing time, eventually scoring 29 points in the state tournament and helping Wahoo win that first title. So, none of those four seniors had ever played a losing varsity game. In that locker room, in that gym, they had only been winners.

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1) Jeff Simons grabs a rebound and scores; 2) Quick passing from Bernie Inbody to Ryan Eddie, to Jeff, leads to a Trent Toline score; 3) Jason Glock gets the steal and Ryan nets a three; 4) Bernie lobs to Jason for two; 5) Justin Anderson passes to Jason for a baseline jumper; 6) Justin drives and dishes to Joel Weyand for the score.

Jason Glock got his 53rd consecutive start against David City.