"I thought that the people we had in the game hustled well and did the kinds of things that Wahoo fans expect when they watch a game." -- Coach Anderson

It might have been a lopsided score for the end of a ball game, but Wahoo actually led 59 - 14 at half time. Coach Anderson commented that after the starters did their thing, the other players "kept things rolling." Wahoo added another 49 points the second half to win the game 108 - 38.

"Wahoo is not a good team to open the year with." -- David City coach, Tony Weinandt

Introduction -- The Quad Squad

the attack
Coaches certainly want their players to be comfortable. They want them confident. They want a team chemistry that includes trust. As Coach Anderson prepared his 1991 team for the upcoming season, those were not his concerns. But what did concern him was that comfort would become complacency. With 64 consecutive wins, it was apparent that the Wahoo teams of the past had avoided any “trap” games -- they had not overlooked seemingly inferior opponents. The opponent that Friday night was a David City team that was not on anybody’s early list of state contenders. In fact, the Scouts would probably be considered a below average team, one that the Warriors should dispose of easily. And Anderson knew that his team’s schedule for that season included many such teams. There was indeed a danger of complacency.

The coach’s message to the team that night was not a proclamation of the challenge David City would present. It was not a remonstration against complacency. And it did not point to the lofty and obvious goals this team had. What Coach Anderson did talk about was how the fans expected Wahoo to play. Those fans had grown in number over the last few seasons. In an age when most high school games were played in half empty gyms, the Warriors frequently played before large crowds. Even though the games were often lopsided affairs, more and more were beginning to attend just to see the phenomenon of a record win streak in the making. Coach Anderson told his players that the Wahoo fans expected to see their team play hard. Following the game he would comment that he told the team, “Wahoo fans expect to see hustle and hard play from the time the team is on the floor until the time the game is over.” He admonished them not to disappoint the fans.

They didn’t. Wahoo scored the first nine points of the game and was ahead 34 -4 at the end of the first quarter. Jason Glock had his first 30 point game of the season and eleven players scored for Wahoo. Trent Toline scored 18 in his first start and Jeff Simons had 9 -- none of the starters saw the court in the fourth quarter. Joel Weyand came off the bench and put in 14. Even as the press came off and substitutes came in the game, the Warrior attack was relentless. The attack and the result, a 108 - 38 victory, would be typical of Wahoo’s performance in the ‘90 - ‘91 season. Opposing coaches would frequently comment on how the Warriors were always in attack mode. Fremont Bergan coach, Randy Eikmeier, after his team dropped an 84 - 43 decision to Wahoo commented, “The thing that got us was the pressure. It’s relentless. They keep coming, keep coming.”

Coach Anderson encouraged his players to "play hard" no matter what the score. Wahoo fans filled the gym for the first contest of the season.