"Our fans are the greatest. They support us all the time. But I think that we are playing for ourselves. We don't want to let ourselves down. If you have the opportunity to do something and don't finalize on it, it can haunt you." -- Ryan Eddie before the 1991 state tournament.

It's unclear as to where or when the "Quad Squad" label was first attached, but by the time the state tournament rolled around, it was a common expression.

Former players Mike Dvorak, Randy Hoffman, and Scott Latham were front and center for the David City game.
Introduction -- The Quad Squad

the "quad squad"
As the season wore on, the comfort would diminish and Wahoo basketball would be thrust into a media spotlight and pressure would build. They came to be referred to as the “Quad Squad,” due either to the fourth consecutive state title they were seeking or to the four seniors who led the team. The players and coaches became more and more aware that they were close to an accomplishment that had been inconceivable three years earlier when winning one championship was all it was about, an accomplishment that would set them apart from all other Nebraska high school teams. Every article written by every newspaper about the Wahoo basketball team mentioned the win streak. Opposing coaches took notice of it. When Schuyler lost to Wahoo in the Holiday Tournament, Coach Jeff Droge said, “We became another statistic. That’s not what we wanted.” Players from previous years would frequently attend games. The 1991 Warriors were well aware that a loss at any time would do harm to their legacy -- they owed it to their former teammates to see the quest through to the end. But most of all, those four seniors needed to win it all for themselves. Even Jason Glock with three championships already would find those accomplishments a little empty if he didn’t walk off the court a champion his senior year. When it was all over, when the pressure had been handled, there would be a collective exhale and the “Quad Squad” would relax, comfortable with their effort and achievement.

Maybe "65" seemed too unreasonable as the Lincoln Journal Star reported the Wahoo team started the season winning its 59th consecutive game. Adding further insult, it was reported that the "Indians took a 34 - 4 first quarter lead."