Betty Pospisil leads the "Gray Hairs" at the Community Pep Rally
A "Community Pep Rally" had become a tradition for Wahoo to send its team off to the state tournament. The "Gray Hairs" always had a part to play, saluting the players and encouraging them to win another state championship."

"These next games are very important to me. I haven't played a lot in the state tournament so I'm going there to give it everythig I've got. I can't wait for Thursday to get here." -- Trent Toline


In celebration of the District Championship, the Wahoo Newspaper ran a congratulations announcement that spanned two pages and featured a team picture. Fifteen players, wearing their gold game uniforms, looked into the camera with carefully considered expressions of quiet confidence. By the end of the week, the pictures would show disappointment. The 1992 team had climbed to an unprecedented height for Nebraska high school basketball. It would be a mighty fall.