Jeff Simons
Returning as a starter from the 1991 team, senior Jeff Simons saw his role on the 1992 team to be different. In a post season interview in 1991, Simons had said, "I'll be one of the bigger shooters next year."

Trent Toline
Even though tagged as "inexperienced,' Trent Toline logged a lot of playing time as a junior and would lead the Warriors in scoring as a senior.

Joel Weyand
As a sophomore, Joel Weyand had started some games and generally split time with senior, Bernie Inbody.

Justin Anderson
Justin Anderson would get his first varsity start against David City and would remain a Warrior starter for two seasons.

Ryan Glock
Ryan Glock began his junior season as a starter, but would eventually become a valuable "6th man" for the Warriors.

Introduction -- REBUILDING

Jason Glock and the rest of the “Quad Squad” had graduated. Many believed that the stars had gone out of the Wahoo basketball sky. On the eve of the ‘91-’92 season, Coach Anderson characterized his new team as having a “different complexion.” It was obvious that the starting lineup would be much different. Only one of the five players who would be announced as starters on the opening night against David City had been in that spotlight the final game of 1991, the state title game against York. Senior forward, Jeff Simons, had started most of the 1991 season. Against David City on December 6, 1991, he would be joined by fellow senior, center Trent Toline, and juniors Justin Anderson, Ryan Glock, and Joel Weyand. Toline and Weyand had each started at times during the ‘90-’91 campaign and had extensive varsity playing experience. Anderson and Glock also brought considerable playing experience, having both played in all 26 varsity games the previous season.

As the lone returning starter, Simons was the focal point of the 1992 “rebuilding.” The stat line from 1991 might not have generated much confidence in the senior’s ability to propel his ‘92 team to the level of its predecessors. As a junior, Jeff had averaged 6.3 points and 5 rebounds; not bad, but not marks that projected to championship expectations. However, the 2.5 steals and 50% three point shooting (64 / 128) revealed some potential. In a post season interview in 1991, Simons had indicated he would be looking to be more of a scorer in ‘92 and Coach Anderson endorsed his senior leader in a preseason interview in which he indicated that “Jeff has been shooting the ball very well in practice and we feel confident that he can continue to do so.” Simons would not disappoint his coach as he would average 15 points. And the senior captain would put up 3.5 steals from his wing position in the renowned Wahoo 1-3-1 zone.

Trent Toline had started several games in 1991 and was the inside sub for the Warriors undefeated team. He had averaged 9.2 points and 5.8 rebounds , shooting 58% from the field. The 6’5” senior was the heir to the Wahoo inside game that had traditionally been a dominant force. In his senior year, Trent would start all the games and up his scoring average to 16.3 while maintaining his fieldgoal percentage. Playing the middle of the Wahoo zone, Toline averaged 5.5 rebounds.

Joel Weyand started a number of games in the middle of the 1991 season and would be stepping into the point guard position that had been manned by Troy Glock and Ryan Eddie during the Warriors championship runs. With big shoes to fill (both Glock and Eddie were going on to play small college basketball at Nebraska Wesleyan and Midland respectively), Weyand brought some impressive stats to the 1992 table with an 8.8 scoring average from ‘91 along with 3.5 assists and 2.5 steals and a 56% shooting percentage. As a full time starter in 1992, Joel would average 14.7 points, continuing to shoot over 50%. Joel’s assist average would increase to 5.6 and he would average 2.9 steals per game from his point position on the 1-3-1.

Justin Anderson got the nod as another perimeter starter after averaging 4.8 points in 1991. He had shot 49% on three pointers (40 / 82). Justin would be the fourth Warrior to average double figures in ‘92 with 12 points and his three point shooting would continue to sizzle at a 48% rate (30/79)). Playing the wing opposite Simons, Justin would average 4.2 rebounds.

Ryan Glock claimed the starting position on the baseline of the 1-3-1. Glock had the least varsity experience of the new starters and won his position as the “role player” that Anderson coached teams had always produced, in the tradition of Cliff Kreizel, Rob Brigham, Troy Johnston and Jeff Simons during his junior year. And while Glock’s play in that position would be productive, he would eventually be supplanted by a scoring machine that was tough to keep out of the starting group.

In evaluating his new lineup, Coach Anderson noted that “this group has been waiting for its chance.” That was indeed true, as the 1992 Warriors knew they were perceived as being less of a team than the ones that had won four consecutive Class B titles and produced a 90 game win streak. Individually, they were somewhat unknown. The previous March, Simons, Toline, Weyand and Anderson had all tried out for the Nebraska Basketball Development Association team. A disappointed group drove home from the University of Nebraska Omaha fieldhouse as none even made it to the final group that night. When the team competed that summer at the University of Nebraska team camp, soundly defeating several Class A teams, an opposing coach would ask where these guys were during the NBDA tryouts. Coach Anderson would reply with a slight smile, “they got cut.” The 1992 Warriors were a talented group of “inexperienced” players who Stu Pospisil of the Omaha World Herald portrayed as “understudies in that long running production called Wahoo,” who had a little chip on their shoulders and were ready for what Stu Pospisil called their “starring roles.”

"These kids have been in the program so they know what it takes. They are a smart group of kids and what they may lack in talent, we feel they can make up in intelligence." -- Coach Anderson

"Our cupboards aren't completely bare. This team will have a different complexion than last year. We graduated some fine basketball players and some fine young men. They will be missed but this group has the potential to also be very good." -- Coach Anderson

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1) Trent Toline scores against Raymond Central in the Holiday Tournament; 2) Ryan Glock drives baseline against David City; 3) Justin Anderson hits a 3 from the corner against Logan View; 4) Jeff Simons scores a 3 off an out of bounds play vs. Raymond Central; 5) Joel Weyand gets a steal and layup against Bennington in the Conference Tournament.

"They heard so many comments last summer about how this would be the year we'd get what's coming to us because Jason wasn't here. ... Our kids light up when they hear statements like that. A lot of them have been waiting their turn (to play), and that's kept them hungry. " -- Coach Anderson

1991 Season Statistics for 1992 Starters:
Name games points assists steals reb
Anderson 26 126 59 29 53
Glock 26 28 20 4 28
Simons 26 164 113 66 129
Toline 26 241 10 19 151
Weyand 25 220 87 60 45

David City Pregame Huddle
The five starters huddle after introductions -- these five would start the first six games of the 1992 season.

Head Coach Mick Anderson with assistants Bryce Cook and Mark Watton
While many were classifying the Wahoo team of 1992 as "inexperienced," the Wahoo coaching staff knew they still had some talent to work with. Coach Watton's junior varsity teams had only lost one game in the previous two seasons.