"Nobody has done what we have a chance to do." -- Justin Anderson

Coach Anderson at a preseason practice

"Sometimes I sit back and think that I wouldn't wish this on my worst enemy. But then something gives a little life, a spark , and you realize we've come so far and you don't want it to end." -- Coach Ancerson


For every practice of the 1991-1992 season, all the players had to do was look up on the wall of the gym and there would be the championship banners that had been mounted in honor of the last four Wahoo teams. There was no getting around it -- the 1992 Wahoo Warriors would be competing with its four championship predecessors as much as the opponents listed on the schedule. It was a team that would have to prove itself, and the standard it would be judged by was the highest imaginable. The win - loss record would have to be perfect. Holiday, Conference and District championships were taken for granted. And to truly measure up, this team would have to achieve what no other Nebraska high school had ever done -- win a fifth consecutive Class B title.