"It's time to bring the game up a notch. It's time to get focused or you stay home and wash clothes." -- Coach Anderson
At District time, Coach Anderson always worried about having to do the laundry early. But in 1993 he had shown more confidence in his team than ever before.

Seniors Joel Weyand and Justin Anderson had concluded the 1992 Wahoo Highlight video with a guarantee that the Warriors would be back for another state championship.

A flyer was distributed prior to the 1993 Class B2 District Tournament -- it highlighted Wahoo’s past performances at districts -- six consecutive championships. The subtitle was “Part of the Wahoo Tradition.” (to view an enlarged flyer, click here) A district title and the accompanying trip to Lincoln for the state tournament had once been a dream of Wahoo players. Then it became a quest, and then a reality. By 1993 it was “tradition.” The team that had brazenly stated, “We’ll be back,” would have to validate that statement with six more wins. The team that had raced down the open highway of Redemption Road now faced the stark reality that there was no room to maneuver, no room to recover from the slightest misstep. The final destination was still six games away and the road had narrowed.