"I think we all know where we want to go. I think that was decided in the locker room after the Ogallala game." -- Coach Anderson
Ogallala ended Wahoo's 114 game win streak in the semifinals of the 1992 state tournament.

Trent Toline consoles Joel Weyand as he leaves the court in the 1992 Ogallala game.

Every high school boys basketball team but six in the state of Nebraska lost their final game of 1992. But none felt the loss more than the Warriors of Wahoo. It wasn’t just the end of the season, the end of a dream of another state championship, but the end of a 114 game winning streak. None of the players on that team had ever experienced a loss in a varsity game. It was a devastating loss. But the 1993 Warriors immediately set out on a road to redeem themselves from that loss. They had rolled down that road ferociously running over their opponents. Then, suddenly, there was Sidney, a team with a losing record that had gotten hot at the end of the season and won their district. It was well into the second half and the score was tied. The spectre of the Ogallala loss from 1992 hung over the Wahoo team. It was possible that their journey would be stopped short and they would not reach the reward awaiting them at the end of “Redemption Road.”