“ ... that’s the kind of club we are. All of a sudden, we can run off 10, 15, 20 points. You just keep hanging in there and hope something snaps.” -- Coach Anderson
Joel Weyand plays defense against Schuyler -- the defensive steals often led to the "french pastry."

Justin Anderson looks to push the ball up court against Schuyler -- a lot of the "pastry" came on fast breaks.


It wasn’t too far into the ‘92-’93 season when Coach Mick Anderson recognized that this team would be a little different than the previous Wahoo championship teams. It wasn’t that it didn’t fit the Warrior image that fans had come to expect. It wasn’t that this team was any less respected by opposing coaches for it’s unrelenting pressure and consistent execution. But past Wahoo teams would best be described as “businesslike” as they went through their paces demolishing opponents and racking up gaudy statistics. This team added some flash. After vanquishing both Schuyler and Raymond Central in the Holiday Tournament in blitzkrieg fashion, Coach Anderson publicly recognized his 1993 team was doing things a little differently: “This team is a little more flamboyant than the others we have had in the past. Maybe we try to get too fancy. But as long as we are passing to the open man and play unselfishly I can tolerate some of the French pastry.”