" ... all we have to do, all we can do, is win Class B." -- Joel Weyand
Ryan Glock cuts down the net at the District Tournament. The Warriors celebrated their return to the state tournament, but still had more to do.

Justin Anderson celebrates the District Championship with his sister, Ali. Justin knew he had three more games to go to make good on his promise.

The ‘92-’93 season began with a promise -- Justin Anderson and Joel Weyand had set the stage for their senior year with a bold statement. It was put on video and preserved for posterity -- there could be no denying it. But perhaps their intent could be questioned -- what exactly did, “We’ll be back” mean? Were they merely saying that the Warriors of 1993 would have the same level of commitment and dedication as their predecessors? Were they stating that the Warriors of 1993 would be a top ten team as their predecessors had been? Or was this truly a guarantee that the 1993 team would return to Lincoln to compete for another state championship? If that was the case, the boys’ promise had been fulfilled on March 2nd when Wahoo won the district title. But, truth be told, it was even more than that. When the video was made, following the statement, the camera panned to the championship banners hanging in the Wahoo gym. The meaning was clear -- another banner needed to be raised. “You can count on it.”