Junior Mike Simons was the only returning full time starter for the 1995 Warriors.
Mark Watton became the new head coach for Wahoo when Mick Anderson resigned following the 1994 season.


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For seven seasons (1988 – 1994), Wahoo basketball had been consistently successful.  The program was all about winning:  winning games – a 187 – 3 record during that time period; winning championships – seven district and six state titles.  But the 1995 Warriors entered their season with major differences from their predecessors.  First there was a new coach.  After eighteen seasons at the helm of Wahoo basketball, Mick Anderson had retired.  His assistant for the prior eight seasons, Mark Watton was taking over.  Secondly, for the first time since 1988, Wahoo would not be competing in Class B, but due to a new NSAA classification system, the Warriors would be in Class C1.  And finally, for the first time in the entire era, the Warriors had no returning senior starters. It would be a major challenge for the 1995 Warriors to maintain the level of excellence Wahoo fans had come to expect.  They would successfully meet that challenge … for the most part.