For each season a highlight video was produced. The original videos were made on vhs tape through a process of dubbing segments from one vcr to another. As the technology advanced, more and more computer generated graphics were used and eventually digitized clips which were then transferred to tape. When this web site was begun, technology had advanced and the original videotapes were digitized and new highlight videos made. While the advancements allowed for a higher quality of production, ultimately that quality is limited by the original resolution of the tapes. Especially when "game" video was used, the segments are quite "fuzzy" when compared to today's high resolution. But these productions still manage to preserve the experiences. To begin with, the videos were published as quicktime movies and were hosted on the Glory Days site. But the quicktime format is no longer easily supported by most browsers so the highlight videos were moved to YouTube. Click on the appropriate button below to view the highlight videos from that year.